Six Months Later . . .

I hadn't really planned on writing here today but, lo and behold, here I am.  Instagram is where I've been hanging out these last six months.  Truth is, I've been thinking about some of my favorite bloggers that I've met thru the years and wondering how they're doing.  I've noticed some of them on Instagram as well now.  Seems to be the thing to do. 

These two have been building sand castles together for half their lives now.  : )

Best friends since they were two.  : )

I feel so blessed to say that things have been going well.  A few changes.  Mostly good ones. The kids are all happy and healthy.   Family dynamics are changing.  Son #1 moved to New Hampshire at the beginning of the year after receiving a great job offer.  It's tough not being able to see him when I want to but I know he's happy and that makes me happy too.  His girlfriend also found a job in Massachusetts so they're just an hour and a half from each other and planning on moving in together when both of their leases are up.  Probably going to settle in Mass.

Roots and wings.  Roots and wings.  💕

We spent a week in North Carolina at the beginning of July.  We stayed on Top Sail Island again.  We had visited there two years ago but only for two nights and really fell in love with it.  It's our paradise!  Son #2 couldn't join us this year due to his work schedule.  This worked out well for son #3 and Megan though.  They each got to bring a friend along. 

Brendan and Jakhai.

Meg and Cybele.

My honey would move there tomorrow if we could.  I could definitely get used to the lifestyle but not quite ready for that yet.  Maybe when Megan is headed for college.  There are some great colleges in NC.  I really don't like to look that far ahead quite honestly. 

One day at a time.  : )

Soaking up the sun.

These guys were taking crackers right out of our hands!!

Huge fishing bridge next to the Inn where we stayed.

 I have to admit, it's nice to sit at the computer and blog again.  Not sure if anybody still remembers me though.  Lol!!  I also look forward to catching up here in blog land and hope all is well with everyone!! 

You can also find me here:  https://www.instagram.com/crickleberry_cottage/

~ Wendy xoxo


mamasmercantile said...

It was so good to catch up with you again, thrilled that all is going well for you and your beautiful family. Looks like a great break away.

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