Freakin' Bees . . .

So there I was earlier today . . . driving to a garage sale . . . minding my own business . . . when all of a sudden I felt this sharp pain in my side. At first I had no idea what it was and I got scared. Thankfully, I was on a side street and pulled over. As I got out, it started to hurt even more. I looked at my seat and there was a yellow jacket sitting on the back of it. The mother effer stung me thru my shirt and then had the audacity to just sit there. I almost turned around and went home but I was so close to the bank and the garage sale was calling my name. A man pulled up next to me to go into the bank and he asked me if I was okay. I told him that I got stung by a bee and proceeded to lift up the back of my shirt to show him. "Yup. Definitely looks like you got stung. Could a been worse. Could a been a tick." Well thank you for pointing that out to me Mister. I then told him that I was sure he wasn't expecting some woman to lift up the back of her shirt for him in the parking lot to which he replied, "Well at least it wasn't the front of your shirt. Then I would've gotten a little concerned." Ahhhhh ~ small town living! It was a good thing I made it to the garage sale. I got some really cute little things to list on my Etsy shop. The link to it is on the side bar of this blog. Nothing like a little plug for myself, huh?!!?

I spoke with Stephanie yesterday. She went for a scan to see how things look with her liver and her colon. She won't find out the results until she goes on Tuesday for her 6th round of chemo. She and I spoke about how much she loves reading the messages that people have been leaving for her on the S.O.S. website. She also told me about how the most recent Bachelorette from the t.v. program has one of her S.O.S. bracelets. Steph's sister in law's brother was one of the bachelors that got kicked off during the first couple of episodes. Unfortunately, I can't remember his name right now. She said it was the one that got kicked out at the curb. Anyway, they have the reunion show at the end of every season and he went back and spoke with the Bachelorette and she asked him how he was doing since he got back home. He told her that he arrived home to some bad news and explained everything regarding Stephanie. The Bachelorette noticed the blue S.O.S. bracelet and asked if she could have one. He took it off of his wrist and gave it to her. Steph watched the reunion episode but none of that conversation made the final cut for the show and she said that she wasn't wearing the bracelet. Then the Bachelorette reject was also stopped at the airport by people that recognized him and they asked how he was doing. He told a crowd of people to check out the S.O.S. website. So I guess my little sister is turning into quite the celebrity!!

As always, please continue the prayers for Stephanie. She has a big week coming up and we want all good news. I also wanted to leave you with another one of my favorite quotes.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

~ Plato

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Kathy said...

I HATE bees! I stepped on one the day before I delivered D-man.

I'm glad you were able to find some stuff for your Etsy shop. We are having a yard sale here tomorrow. I LOVE when I can purge!

That's really cool that Deanna has an SOS bracelet. You must find out the name of that bachelor.

Love the quote too.

Kimmy Words said...

At least it wasn't a fucking centipede ;-)