A Day at the Beach . . .

On Wednesday, we packed up our pails and shovels, sunblock and beach towels and headed to Point Pleasant, New Jersey for the day.  As the school year was ending, I made a bit of a mental  "Bucket List" of all the things I wanted to do this summer of 2014.  I can now cross off "spend a day at the beach."  I know it probably doesn't sound like much but between all of the other activities around here and that pesky thing called "my husband's job" : )  finding the time can be a bit difficult.  With Jim currently on his eight days off  (he works 5 weeks of swing shift and then has 8 straight days off) and the weatherman saying the three dreaded "H" words ~ hazy, hot and humid ~ and nothing else on the calendar, we knew it would be a perfect beach day.   


My honey.

Another summer with our "adopted" son, Jakhai.  Words cannot express how much we love this beautiful young man and his family!!!  : )

Today, we're headed to Manhattan to spend the day with Jakhai's family and friends for a huge birthday celebration.  I'm so looking forward to this day of making lots of new friends and, of course, taking lots of photos.  Next week, we're off to Lake George for a few days with friends and the following week we'll be back at the beach for another couple of days.  Way too soon, this summer will be a distant memory so I'm going to make it a point to live in each moment and enjoy them.  AND I'm choosing to ignore those back-to-school commercials they're already starting to show on television!!!!!! YUCK!!!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Saturday ~ Wendy


Sweet Summer Memories . . .

As summers usually go, this one is just flying by at a very rapid pace.  I've been spending a lot of time in my car, it seems.  Every morning and every afternoon I drive Trevor to and from his summer job working as a lifeguard at a local day camp.  I don't mind usually.  It gets me up and out and we have great conversations during our drive.  He and I have always had a close relationship and it's been so wonderful that it's survived the teen years.  : )  It's so hard to believe he's going to be eighteen in a few weeks.  My little red-headed baby is turning into a man right before my eyes. So bittersweet!!

Trevor in 2006.
 We've been blessed with cooler temperatures as the sun goes down and the other night I was entertained by Megan with a beautiful dance routine on the driveway.  Give a little girl a pretty blue ribbon and she's instantly transformed into a ballerina in some far off magical land!!  : )

Then Mr. Bigglesworth decided he wanted to get in on the routine and for the next ten minutes he and Megan ran around the front yard as he dove on the ribbon.  Needless to say, there was lots of giggling to be heard!!

It was a wonderful end to the day and my girl was plum tuckered!!  So many sweet summer memories!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Saturday and a wonderful weekend ~ Wendy


Sunday Sayings . . .

This is where my mind is today. I believe these "pearls of wisdom" come as you need them. : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful week ahead ~ Wendy


This Moment . . .

{this moment} ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.
. . . . . . . . . .

Many blessings for a wonderful weekend filled with lots of special "moments" ~ Wendy


The Fog is Lifting Slowly but Surely . . .

Summer hasn't been off to the best of starts around our house.  Last week was filled with two visits to the doctor and two confirmed cases of strep throat.  Megan and I both went down for the count.  She bounced back beautifully but I, on the other hand, am still bouncing.  I feel much better but my energy level is still pretty crummy and the fog in my head is slowly clearing.  Each day is a little bit better and I'm getting back into my daily routines.  All of those little things that you accomplish most days (a load or two of laundry, cooking dinner, blogging, etc.) seem much less mundane when I haven't been able to do them for a few days.  I'm also very blessed to not get sick-in-bed kinda sick very often.  Just enough to make me remember what a blessing good health truly is.

I've also really missed getting outside with my camera so yesterday I walked around the yard and took a few photos of what we've planted this year.  All of this year's flowers are newly planted perennials that have been planted in beds that have been revamped in one way or another. I'm really happy with how everything looks so far.  Jim's put a lot of time and effort into making the landscaping look so nice and our plan is to add new plants each year to have more of a cottage garden type look.

We've added a little vegetable garden, as well, with two types of tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, red peppers egg plant and cucumbers.  Our plan is to expand that next year to include broccoli, string beans and some other things still to be determined.  I have been so inspired by the gardens of fellow bloggers that it finally got me off my butt to make my dreams of flowers and veggies a reality.  I had a vegetable garden when I was a child.  My father turned over a big patch of grass in our backyard so that I could have my very own garden.  I planted it, weeded it and watered it all by myself.  I remember having lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and peppers.  My grandmother lived next door to us and she had a huge garden in her backyard as well.  There was nothing better than snapping string beans off of her plants, swiping them on your shirt and popping them into your mouth!!!  Such a great summer memory for me!!!!  : )

We also have a little old pear tree in our back yard that I've posted photos of before.  There are so many pears this year and we'll be able to eat them in a couple more weeks.  That is if the squirrels don't get to them first!!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Tuesday ~ Wendy


Introducing . . .

Our newest high school graduate!!!  Nyack High School Class of 2014!!  : )  It was an absolutely beautiful night filled with inspiration, incredible words of wisdom from young and young at heart, laughter, tears and hopes and dreams of the future. 

I took this same walk 29 (did I really just type that?!!?) years ago.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Although there has since been a new high school built, the graduation ceremonies are still held at the location of the original school that I graduated from.  I'm not sure how many more years this tradition will continue since our high school will be getting a new stadium in the next few years.  Bittersweet.  : (

The heart of our beautiful old Nyack High School is this gorgeous bell tower.

This gorgeous painting was one of the gifts that the Class of 2014 presented to the school.

The sky was absolutely beautiful on graduation night!!!

The bell tower all lit up.
It's official!!!!!  : )
Trevor and Joe.  They've been best friends since middle school.
Standing between my two men.
There really are no words to describe the pride I feel when I look at my children.  I look at how much my oldest son, Connor, has grown and changed since he graduated from high school three years ago.  No longer a boy but now a man.  Time marches on every day.  Before I know it, son #3 will be graduating (he's only 12 so I have a while, thankfully!!).  And I can't even think about Megan graduating.  I'm not ready to be that age yet!!!  Notice I didn't say "that old yet."  : )

For now, I'm enjoying life, one day at a time, happy that all of my chickens are home to roost for the summer and looking forward to all of the memories yet to be made these next few months before they're spreading their wings and flying once again!!  : )

Many blessings for a happy Monday and a beautiful week ahead ~ Wendy