Sunday Sayings . . .

We had our public meeting with the planning board the other night.  It looks like we're going to be able to build the apartment for my mother in our garage.  We will find out what the terms are next month.  For the most part, people were reasonable with their concerns and voiced them in a reasonable way.  There were one or two people that apparently need to get a life.  I don't want to bore you with the details but let's just say MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.  I told Jim once we get the okay for the apartment I want to put the biggest, pinkest, tackiest plastic flamingos that I can find all over our front lawn and a big sign that says "MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE."  Don't think I won't.  Lol!!!  I can laugh about it now but, in all honesty, I've had a rough couple of days emotionally.  We went out for the day today (Saturday) and spent it with friends and made new friends.  We are happy people by nature and I get angry at myself for letting unhappy people get me down.  It's better now and I'm grateful that I'm coming thru this a stronger person.  I'm loosening my grip on several things that are out of my control.  I think this is the lesson in all of this.  You can't control how people act but you can control your reaction to them.  I'm getting there. 
S-L-O-W-L-Y but surely.  : )

Happy Sunday ~ Wendy 


These Moments . . .

I'm about a week behind on posting these moments.  Actually, I think it's two now!!  Oh well.  It's been a whirlwind of end-of-school-year activity around here and not just at school.  Megan had her first Gymnastic Olympics two weekends ago.  We are so proud of how well she's doing and how fearless she is.  She jumps right up on the balance beam and bars.  She has mastered her cartwheel and has almost mastered her one-handed cartwheel.  Her upper body strength has increased so much since she started just a few months ago.  She absolutely loves her classes and we're so happy with the instructors. 

Watching the older girls do their round-off back handsprings.  She was in such awe!! 

She was so excited to receive her first trophy and had to bring it into Dunkin' Donuts with her on her way home.  : )

Megan's team.
We are so darn proud of this little mama and how she's grown this last year.  She's learned how to read.  She's adjusted to a new school and made lots of new friends.  She's mastered her cartwheel.  She makes me proud to be her Mom every day.  Six years later and I still can't believe I have a daughter!!  : )

Wishing you a beautiful and safe weekend ~ Wendy


Something to Make you Smile . . .

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I posted that I thought the female cardinal that visited the feeder outside my office window was pregnant?



 Well guess what???? . . .

IT'S A GIRL!!!!   Tell me she's not the cutest thing you ever saw!!!  As far as I can tell, there is only one baby.

She sits in the bush outside my window and chirps incessantly while her parents look on and, my goodness, does she have lots to talk about!!  I can't help but laugh whenever I hear her because it reminds me of Jim and I when Megan "chirps" incessantly.  Lol!!! 

I hope that put a smile on your face.  : )

Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Wendy


A Layed Back Kinda Father's Day . . .

It was a very quiet Father's Day for us this year.  Jim had worked the night before and worked again last night so he slept most of the day but not before his girl gave him her special gifts that she made for him at school.  She made a book for him and about him.  It's so funny to read what she thinks are his favorite things and how she sees him thru her eyes.  He loved it to say the least!!  Except for the part that said his hair color was "grey."  Lol!!  I don't think it was last Father's Day, come to think of it!!  : )

She also gave him a movie pass "Good for One Night at the Movies" with her and attached was a bag of popcorn for them to share.  So adorable!!  The boys, of course, were still asleep.  For him, it's just another day (as he puts it) and he knows how loved he is by them.  From the day he met them, more than ten years ago, it has been the most natural fit for all of us.  Heaven sent without a doubt.  : )

We also have two new additions to the back yard.  The hammock is something that Brendan has been asking (and asking, and asking!!!) us for since we moved in.  We found one the other day when we were looking for something to give us shade in our very sunny pool area.  I'm not a sun person and I know I'll be spending lots of hours poolside with Megan this summer so this was a definite necessity.  Jim and I still look at our back yard and can't believe how blessed we are.  My heart is filled with so much gratitude for ALL of our many blessings.

My mother's dog Seamus relaxing poolside.

Today, Megan graduates from kindergarten.  We have a little ceremony this afternoon.  She wore her special dress that her grandfather sent to her from Ireland.  I'll take photos later.  Tomorrow is our meeting with the board that will determine if we are allowed to build the apartment for my mother in the garage.  Say a prayer.  I've decided to let the outcome be what it will be.  Let Go and Let God.  Whatever happens, I know it will be for a reason and we'll take the next step from there.  Thanks again for all of the well wishes.  They mean more than you'll ever know.  Namaste.  xoxo

Wishing you a beautiful Monday ~ Wendy


{These Moments} with a New Friend . . .

Megan and Grace.  Instant new best friends!!  Wouldn't this world be a much nicer place if grown ups made friends as easily and unconditionally as children??  : )

Happy Saturday!!  ~ Wendy


Backyard Goings On, Messages and a Heartfelt Thanks . . .

Our beautiful weather has allowed us to spend lots of time outdoors.  We've been planting, swimming, spending time with cousins and enjoying new spaces that have come from weeding this much overgrown yard of ours.  Spending time outside keeps us away from the television and all of the horrific news coming out of Florida.  My heart is broken for the victims and their friends and loved ones.  I sat glued to the television when September 11th happened.  I can't go to that dark place again.  I've been having a lot of conversations with my Higher Power lately.  Today I decided to do the listening instead of the talking.  What I've heard so far (in the form of quotes I saw randomly on Instagram and from people that I've encountered today) has been the following:

1)  When you can't control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you react to what is happening.  That's where the true power is. (A quote on Instagram)

2)  A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world.  (Another quote on Instagram)

3)  I can choose to focus on the good today or I can choose to focus on the unknown and worry about it.  Worrying is pointless so, today, I choose to focus on the good.  

I'm hearing these messages loud and clear and today is a better day.  Thank you to everyone that left a comment or messaged me some other way.  It truly means the world to me!!!  XOXO

Many blessings ~ Wendy


A Sunday Saying and a Dose of Reality . . .

I've been having some trouble with this lately.  I don't normally and it's not a good feeling.  I have anxiety in the pit of my stomach like I used to feel when I was a child.  I keep telling myself to just let it go and turn it over.  Let Go and Let God.  Those of you that follow my blog know that we moved to a new town in November.  My mother came to live with us.  Our plan is to build an apartment for her in our garage so she no longer has to live in our family room.  We thought it would be a simple thing to do but it's turned out to be anything but simple.  When we posted the legal notices of our intention to make the garage apartment like we were told to do, a large number of our neighbors decided they weren't happy with this and made up a petition that basically says they are fearful that we will turn our home into a multi-family dwelling.  This was presented to us at last month's Planning Board meeting.  Not one person has bothered to personally ask us what our intentions are and some don't even wave to us any more like they once did when we first moved in.  I feel like we're wearing some kind of scarlet letter!!!  This petition is based purely on assumptions.  18 of our neighbors signed this petition.  18!!!  I cannot begin to tell you how this makes me feel.  I have tears in my eyes just typing this.  I wasn't going to write about this but, in all honesty, I need to keep things real at this point in my life.  I feel like so many things are out of my hands.  I usually handle things better.  I told my husband the other day that I haven't felt this much stress in my life probably ever.  I don't think I even felt this much stress after my first husband passed away.  My love has been my rock.  He has such a positive attitude about things, thankfully.  I'm usually the one telling him everything is going to be okay.  I know this will pass.  I know this will be okay.  I know we have nothing but good intentions to do with this apartment and our neighbors are coming from a place of fear that we are going to change things.  We never, ever expected this.  EVER.  Our meeting before the Planning Board when they make their final decision is in two weeks.  A co-worker of my husband who has been thru a similar situation recommended we have an attorney present at the meeting so we've hired one.  I will keep you posted.  I don't mean to be a bummer but this is my reality today and I need to keep it real my friends.

Have a beautiful Sunday ~ Wendy


Let the "End of School Year" Festivities Begin!!! . . .

Last Friday started the beginning of the end of school year festivities with Megan's Field Day.  It was beautiful here all last week until Friday when the rain rolled in.  Makes for a pretty picture but not a fun Field Day so the younger grades were stuck in the gymnasium for the day. 

The rain and fog rolling in across the mountains in our neighborhood.

What a blast Megan and her classmates still had!!  The gym was filled with so much happiness and laughter that you soon forgot how warm it was being stuffed inside.  Well, for the most part.  Haha!!

Can you spot Megan?  She's in front of the orange cone.  : )

I have to give a big shout out to the teachers.  They did a phenomenal job keeping the kids going and focusing more on the fun and less on the winning.  Not that there's anything wrong with celebrating a victory.  Winning and losing is PART OF LIFE whether you like it or not.  They just allowed a little time for celebrating before moving them along again so the kids who didn't win weren't dwelling on it for very long before it was time for the next event.  Perfect!!

Megan was partnered with her friend Emily a lot which was so much fun because I sat with Emily's mom in the bleachers and we cheered them on together.  There really are some wonderful new friends I've made here and her mom is at the top of the list!!

Next up is Megan's gymnastics olympics that we have tomorrow.  To say she is excited about this is an understatement!!  She's been practicing her cartwheels and her handstands and her bridges.  I can't help but remember those June days when you started the countdown to summer vacation and how exciting it all was.  There is such an amazing energy at school now when I drop off and pick up Megan.  Pure joy!!!

Happy weekend to you all!!

~ Wendy