Waiting on a Blizzard . . .

The snow has started falling more steadily in the last half hour.  We are among the people who are bracing for a snow storm of "historical proportions" that is creeping up the eastern seaboard.  By 10:00 tonight, we will probably be dealing with blizzard conditions ~ high winds and whiteout type snow.  Jim left for work in Manhattan at 3:30 this morning and we probably won't see him again until Wednesday.  Travel on all New York state owned roads will be prohibited starting at 10 pm tonight until further notice.  He'll be staying in a hotel across the street from his office building tonight because he has to be back at work at 5 am.

 Megan and Daddy were busy shoveling all weekend to make way for the new snow.  She's such a great little helper!!

I took the above photos from my front porch and out of my back dining room window.  I thought it would be fun to take "before the blizzard" and "after the blizzard" photos and share them with you.  So many of my readers have told me that they've never experienced snow before.  Being a New York girl my whole life, that's something that I just can't relate to.  : )

If you're weathering this storm also, please be safe!!  I'll say a prayer that you don't lose power if you'll do the same for me!!!  : )

Many Monday blessings to you ~ Wendy



Outside My Window . . .

 This morning we woke to a winter wonderland!!  Lots of snow fell over night.  About 7 inches in total.  Finally, our first real snowfall of the season in our part of New York.  Megan looked out the window when she woke up at 8 and, by 9, she had asked to play in the snow at least a hundred times.  Lol!!  Unfortunately, the snow had turned to rain so she had to wait a couple of hours until it passed. 

She's now been outside on and off the entire day playing and helping Daddy shovel.  She's a happy girl for sure!!  : )

Many blessings for a happy Saturday ~ Wendy


Busy but Keeping My Peace of Mind . . .

I've been busy adding lots of photos to my Etsy shop.  As you know by my Sunday Sayings, I have a huge love of quotes.  One of my friends suggested I add some of my favorites to some of my photos.  I thought this was a fantastic idea!!

I took this photo of a fallen angel in our local cemetery a couple of days after Hurricane Sandy hit our area.  A lot of trees fell during the storm and I wanted to make sure none of my family members headstones were damaged.  I saw this little angel laying on the ground.  She was displaced but not broken.  That's how so many New Yorkers felt during that hurricane.  When I read the MLK quote the other day, I knew it was meant for this photo. 

This is so profound to me.  Really makes me think. 

Love this.

Peace of mind is what I've been consciously trying to achieve.  As I navigate thru my day, I've been asking myself if what I'm doing at that moment or what I'm thinking at that moment is giving me peace of mind.  It really centers and helps me.  We have some big things going on right now and I'm really keeping my cool about them.  It's all good stuff!!  : )

Happy Thursday and Many Blessings ~ Wendy


Pluggin' Along . . .

We've been pluggin' along here.  Busy days and lazy days.  No pretty wintry photos to share because the snow in our area of New York has been next to nothing.  : (   Yesterday was a rainy day that turned everything into a sheet of ice.  There's a chance of snow for the middle of the week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Everything looks so drab and grey this time of the year.  Even an inch of snow makes everything look much better!!

Some staying-in-our-jammies-all-day photos . . .

No matter how hard I tried, Miss Megan would not give me a smile.  She was hard at work being creative and couldn't be bothered!!  We've begun the process of growing out her bangs.  It's gonna be a long process but her hair grows so quickly.  I'm hoping by the summer they'll blend in with the rest of her hair.  Boys with crew cuts are so much easier!!!!!  : )

Another lazy winter day!!

I want to say thank you to everyone that expressed their thoughts and prayers for my son's friend who passed suddenly last week.  The family is holding a memorial service this coming weekend.  The friends are all still in shock but have banded together for support.  This circle of friends has been together since kindergarten.  It is truly a beautiful thing to see.

I missed Sunday Sayings yesterday but I still want to share this quote on this day of remembrance for Martin Luther King, Jr.  . . .


Many blessings for a beautiful Monday ~ Wendy


Sadness . . .

My heart is broken today.  One of my oldest son's friends passed away yesterday.  He went to bed and didn't wake up.  We're not sure of any details yet.  Connor is away for the weekend and has minimal cell service.  There's a good chance he doesn't know yet.  This is the first childhood friend that he's lost.  I'm so sad for the sadness that he's about to feel.  I've been to several wakes for my own childhood friends this past year.  It's so difficult to face that kind of loss at any age.  At 22, it's unspeakable.  A beautiful young man from a beautiful family so filled with love and light.  So many lives changed forever. 

“Nothing you love is lost. Not really. Things, people–they always go away sooner or later. You can’t hold them anymore than you can hold moonlight. But if they’ve touched you, if they’re inside you, then they’re still yours. The only things you ever really have are the ones you hold inside your heart.” 


My Word . . .

The last couple of years, I've picked a word to use as a focal point for the upcoming new year.  I happened to choose the same word  for the last two years.  That word was " Release."  It usually comes to me in an intuitive manner.  Many of my thoughts come to me this way, actually, if I'm able to clear my mind enough to receive the messages. That's not always easy with four kids, three cats and two dogs!!  : )

This year's word is  . . .    SOAR  ~   To rise or fly into the air.  To increase or improve suddenly above the normal or usual level.

On January 12th, I will be 48 years old.  To type that number is surreal to me.  I don't have a problem with this number.  In fact, it's just the opposite.  I feel so blessed that I am here to celebrate it.  So many people never get to see this number.  What has been going on in my mind is this whole aging process.  The idea of being in the middle years of my life.  Feeling like a kid still yet looking in the mirror and seeing the aging process happening right before my eyes.  I think this middle age thing is a part of our journey that teaches us the lesson of acceptance that there are things that we can change and there are things that we just have to accept.  I'm in a transitional period of doing both. 

In my 20's, 30's and early 40's I never really felt the sense of urgency that middle age is now giving me.  I think about things that I've always wanted to do but have never either taken the time to do or have never been afforded the opportunity to.

Last week, I sold my first photograph in my new Etsy shop. Someone liked my photo enough to pay for it.  I'm smiling as I type this.  Actually, the first time the word "soar" came into my mind was when I was celebrating this.

The photograph that I sold last week.  : )
I stopped making resolutions years ago because I've never been good at holding myself accountable to them.  It's not something that I'm happy with myself for but it's who I am and, for the most part, I truly love who I am.  So why set myself  up for failure??  LOL!!!  Instead, I'm focusing on making choices that give me "peace" of mind.

Yes, Wendy, it's time to SOAR!!!  : )

Happy Tuesday to you all!!!!


Sunday Sayings for a Happy New Year . . .

Dr. Dyer.


Inspiration, love and gratitude



Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone that takes time out of their busy day to visit my little blog.  I've "met" so many wonderful people and "visited" so many beautiful places thru blog land.  I look forward to spending 2015 with you all.  Happy and healthy and prosperous new year to you all!!!!  XOXO

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Bits of Christmas Past . . .

In the blink of an eye, it's almost a week after Christmas and I'm just getting around to posting some photos.  We had such a wonderful holiday. Despite not feeling up to par, I got almost everything done that was on my "To Do" list and what didn't get done was moved to my "Oh Well, Maybe Next Year" list.  I vowed to keep things simple this year and, for the most part, I did.

New ballet slippers and a pretty pink skirt for Megan.

Art supplies for Brendan. 
A plethora of hot sauces for our spicy food eater, Connor.
This one was not a happy camper having to get up at 8 am when the four year old was ready to see what Santa brought!!!  : )
It just wouldn't be Christmas without the Yule Log!!!
We exchanged gifts and had a yummy roast pork dinner in the afternoon with my mom, father in law and brother in law from my first marriage and my sister, her boyfriend and my niece and nephew.

Nephew Tristan rocking the Giants shirt.  There's always next year, Tristan!!!!  LOL!!!
Niece Annie giving me lip for taking her photo.  : )

All of the kids are getting older now so there's so much less chaos.  Megan is the youngest grandchild and I honestly love that we can still see Christmas thru the eyes of a child. 

 Tonight we have reservations at our local Chinese restaurant.  We're sticking close to home this year and hoping the two older boys are safe where they're celebrating with Connor in Rhode Island and Trevor in Times Square.  Yes, that crazy kid is in Times Square!!!!!!  Oh to be 18 again!!!!  : )

My wish for you all is that you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve and a happy and healthy and prosperous 2015.  I look forward to spending it with you all in blog land!!!  XOXO

Many blessings ~ Wendy