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Add some Halloween decorations around me and this is it!

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I haven't been feeling well since last Friday.  I have a cold that is lingering.  I haven't had a cold in years.  It's probably due to this crazy weather we're having here in New York.  A week and a half ago it was in the high 60's and 70's.  Now it's in the 80's and humid.  The air is back on and the windows are closed.  I haven't even felt like decorating for fall yet.  I haven't taken photos in a while so I thought I'd share some of this morning's favorite Pinterest images.  I hope you enjoy them.  : )

Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Wendy  xo


Remembering September 11th . . .

* I originally posted this on September 11th, 2015.  I've only changed a few things to update it.  xo

On September 11th, 2001, I was seven months pregnant with my son Brendan.  I remember walking my two older sons to school that day, looking up at the sky and thinking it was one of the most beautiful late summer mornings I had ever seen.  The sky was a brilliant shade of blue and there was not a cloud to be seen.  I walked back up the path and into the house and turned on the television to see what was going on in the world while I ate some breakfast.  My local news channel was showing a video of a plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers. This was the first glimpse I got of what would turn out to be one of the saddest days in American history.  I called my neighbor whose husband was a police officer in the city to see if she knew anything about what was going on.  As I sat on the stairs leading up to the second floor, staring at the television and talking on the phone I watched as another plane slammed into another tower.  At first I thought it was just another video of the first plane until I heard the news reporters and my friend screaming that it was another plane. 

In all honesty, it didn't even occur to me at first that there were people in the building and emergency services workers there as well.  I think I was just trying to wrap my brain around what I had just seen.  Something that was taking place just 20 miles from where I live.

The photo above is a very special one to so many people.  The man on the left is my uncle Harry.  He was attending a funeral that day and wasn't there when the towers fell but when he found out what had happened he drove there immediately and was down "on the pile" looking for survivors for weeks.  My uncle was a member of FDNY for more than 35 years.  One of the people he was looking for was the young man on the right.  His name was Welles Crowther.  You may have heard of him as "The Man in the Red Bandanna."  If you haven't, you can read about him here .  He is a true hero in every sense of the word and I was blessed to have known him from the time he was a young boy.  If you look at the background of the photo, you can see the Twin Towers.  Welles worked in Tower 2 and was also a volunteer firefighter in our home town.  Helping people was in his blood.  My uncle was very close with Welles' parents and would stop by their house on his way home from Ground Zero and give them an update at the end of every shift.  Welles' body was eventually found in the lobby of Tower 2 with many other members of FDNY where they had set up a central command station.  My uncle Harry passed five years ago due to 9/11 related health complications.  His lungs were ruined by all of the dust and everything else that they were breathing in all of those months.  He is just one of many people who have succumbed to 9/11 related diseases.

Plaques dedicated to my uncle Harry and Welles outside of the fire house in Upper Nyack, NY where they both volunteered.
The Freedom Tower while it was still being built.

A couple of years ago we visited the 9/11 Memorial and the Freedom Tower while it was still under construction.  From the time you step off of the subway and walk up the stairs to its location you can sense that it is a sacred place.  The air seems different, the sky seems different and people seem different.  Everyone that visits there has there own personal reason for taking the journey there and whether or not you knew someone that died that day doesn't matter.  It will still touch you to your soul.

I was pregnant with this guy on 9/11/01.  : )

It has been 16 years and the sadness still sits right up at the surface on this day and so many other days.  When I see Welles' parents and sisters and my aunt and cousins I still could cry a river for them all.  When I see family members reading off the names of the victims on the television every September 11th I want to give them each a hug.  Name upon name.  Face upon face.  All of them, innocent victims of a senseless tragedy. 

This year I chose not to watch the reading of the names but instead made a conscious effort to commit as many "random acts of kindness" as I could.  I believe that kindness is contagious and motivates people to be a bit kinder to the next person and the world certainly could use as much kindness as we can conjure up. 

Lest we forget.

Many blessings ~ Wendy  xo


These Moments . . .

. . . last days of swimming before the pool is closed for the season.

 . . . first days of second grade.

 . . . learning a new sport.

 . . . shipping out all of my Etsy shop orders.  Don't judge me.  LOL!!!  : )

 . . . subtle signs of fall already.  : )

 . . . pups sitting on tables enjoying the breeze coming thru the open windows.  He's so darn cute that I  just let him do it.  : )

. . . a new sign from Hobby Lobby.  Rather appropriate for the upcoming seasons!!

On a more serious note, our beautiful state of Florida is bracing for what may possibly be the worst hurricane EVER to hit their state.  I have many friends and family members that live there.  Please take a moment to say a prayer for all of the residents that they may be safe.  Please say a prayer for all of the first responders, pets and wildlife as well.  The potential damage is being described as catastrophic.

Floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes.  Do you think the powers that be are trying to tell us something??  : (

Many blessings for a happy and safe weekend ~ Wendy  xo


Gone Fishing and a Birthday Celebration . . .

A little picnic before we cast our lines.

Brendan and his friend John heading to the river.

Miss Sassy Pants.  : )

We've been enjoying these last few weeks of summer break before school and fall routines begin  again.  Last week we spent a few hours of fishing in our little village park that's right on the Hudson River.  It's such a peaceful place with the most wonderful views.  In the warmer months you'll see kayakers, boats coming and going, groups of young kids hanging out and people just wanting to sit and relax for a bit.  Only residents of Cornwall on Hudson are allowed so it keeps the crowds away  and, to be honest, the older I get the less I like crowds.  : )

This girl is a natural born fisherperson!!  You should see her cast!!  Her daddy showed her only once and she was casting like a pro in no time.  Her great grandfather (my grandfather who taught me how to fish) O'Brien was smiling down on her for sure!!

Brendan at the end of the pier.

My huge catch of the night.  : )  I think we caught the same little fish three different times.  Haha!!

Brendan and John.

Always singing!!!

It was such a beautiful night.   A little breezy for fishing with a bobber but perfect otherwise.

The train tracks that run alongside the park.

The sunset thru the weeping willows.

All those little white dots are bugs!!

The fishing fashionista!!!  Lol!!!

 We also had another big event last week . . .

 This guy turned 21!!

He's had a tough couple of years after breaking his leg at work and moving away from all of his friends who used to be at our house every day.  He's moving in the right direction now and goes to orientation for electrical school tomorrow.  His dad and I tell him he doesn't have to know what he wants to do with the rest of his life but he needs to have a plan for now.  I adore Trevor with all of my heart and just want him to be happy.  He has so much to offer this world and has such a kind and loving heart.  It's time for him to spread his wings and fly!!

Me and my ginger baby!!  : )

I'm looking forward to blogging a little more often again once the kids are back in school!!

Happy Tuesday!! ~ Wendy  xo