In our End of Summer {Flower} Gardens . . .

Yes they're weeds but I still think they're pretty.  : )


Our beautiful flower gardens are starting to show their age but are still pretty nonetheless.  We sat outside in our backyard last night for dinner with friends that we've shared so many of our summer nights with.  There was a hint of fall in the air.  Just a hint.  The girls got out of the pool because they were "freezing solid" and sat, wrapped in their towels, in the last bit of the day's sun.  I even turned the little fans off that we've had blowing under the gazebo all summer.  My son Brendan talked about how much he was looking forward to "hunkering down" with board games inside this winter and eating homemade soup.  My nephew leaves for college tomorrow for his first time, another end-of-summer sign, so Megan and I are making a trip to the store today to pick up a bunch of his favorite snacks for his dorm room.  We're also keeping an eye on three potentially big storms that could impact the northeast by the end of next week.  Lots going on around here!!!  For now, I'll sip my coffee and know that all is at it should be.  : )

Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Tuesday ~ Wendy


Friends for Life . . .

On Saturday, my beautiful friend Ophie and her daughter Cybele came to spend the day with Meg and I.  We knew when we moved that there were going to be some people that we wouldn't see very often anymore, if at all.  Then there were the people who had come into our lives that we were not willing to let go of so easily.  Ophie and Cybele are for keeps.  : )

The girls spent the entire day in the pool and catching up on the hammock while Ophie and I drank Diet Dr. Pepper (crack in a can is what I call it!!!) in the shade and talked about what's in the stars for us in the not so distant future.  I'm always so fascinated by the depth of her knowledge and the accuracy of her predictions.  Ophie is an Astrologer and a published author.  She and her sister Tali are also known as The Astrotwins.  Check out the link to their webpage.  It really is some interesting and amazing stuff!!!

While I was writing this blog I decided to look at some old photos of Cybele and Megan to see how much they've changed in the last few years. 

Ophie with the girls in Cold Spring, NY a few years ago.

I just know they're gonna be friends for life!!!  : )

Many blessings for a happy Monday ~ Wendy


Right Where I was Supposed to Be . . .

While we were in Georgia we visited a church that has become known as "Sophia's Church" in the world of Walking Dead fans.  It's the church where the group looked for Sophia after hearing a church bell in the distance.  Sophia was the daughter of one of the main characters, Carol, and she had been separated from the group when a huge group of "walkers" came thru.  If you're not a fan then I know you're scratching your head right now.  Lol!!  Anyway, we had heard about this church and wanted to see it.  The church was a pretty little church but it was the old cemetery behind it that I fell in love with.  It ended up being one of my favorite parts of our whole vacation. 

Jim stayed in the car with the kids so I was able to walk around peacefully and uninterrupted.  While he was in the car I noticed another car pulled into the church lot as well.  It ended up being a young girl from upstate New York who had recently moved to the area to go to college.  She had her sister and mom with her and was showing them some of the different Walking Dead locations because they were huge fans as well.  She told Jim that at the top of the cemetery there was an Indian burial ground.  When they were filming in the cemetery, the actor who plays Glen requested that there be someone on hand to make sure nothing was being done to upset the graves in that part of the cemetery.  He told people he got a very strong feeling of their presence and wanted to show them the utmost respect.  I thought this was beautiful.  I have to tell you that I too felt a strong presence there.  Like I was being watched.  It didn't scare me.  Instead, I felt a sense of honor to be able to walk among their spirits.  Something that I will never forget. 

Below are photos of the burial ground.  No headstones.  Just rocks sticking out of the ground as markers to where they were buried.

 Jim spotted the grave below.  It wasn't marked. 

 A soldier from the War of 1812.

A view of the back of the church.

I felt such a presence in this cemetery and, while walking thru, I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment in time.  I also couldn't help but wonder if I had been buried there at the end of some other lifetime.  After we left, we got about a half mile up the road and Megan spotted this out her window.

 Amazing Grace.

Many blessings ~ Wendy