One Proud Reader and Two Proud Parents . . .

Last week we received an invitation to Megan's school.  We were invited to her Friday morning program and told to keep it a secret so that Megan would be surprised.  She was going to be getting an award but we weren't sure what it was for.

So on Friday morning we told her we wanted to come to her school since we hadn't been inside in a while.  Every Friday there is something that they call "Friday Morning Opening" where the school goes into the auditorium and they review the week's activities, upcoming events and also hand out awards to students.  Every kindergartner receives an award throughout the year and is chosen to be Student of the Month.  I think it's a really wonderful thing for their self-esteem.  The students in the older grades have to earn their awards which, in my opinion, is a wonderful thing as well.  They celebrate things such as helping someone in need, completing a task without being told to do so and general random acts of kindness.  Not everybody deserves one.  They have to be earned.  This kind of keeps the students on their toes if they want to be a recipient.  : )

So this week our girl received an award for becoming such a good reader since joining the classroom when we moved in November.  She was completely surprised and smiled from ear to ear!!!  

That face says it all!!!  : )

Some of the gorgeous architecture in the auditorium.

Just another few weeks of school and she'll be a first grader.  I think she's ready.  : )

 Wishing you a happy Monday and a beautiful week ahead ~ Wendy



There's a New Six Year Old in the House!! . . .

Waiting for the crowd to arrive with brother number three.

Our sweet and sassy baby girl turns six today!!  WHAAAAT??? We've been counting down the days since we turned our Walking Dead calendar to the month of May!!  It's been a loooooong 17 days!!!  : )  Megan said she wanted a rainbow themed bowling party so that is what she got on Saturday.  After all, it's not every day that a girl turns six you know!!

Wouldn't you love to know what these girlies were giggling about??  LOL!!  I love that Megan's friend Genevieve came to the bowling party in her Halloween costume!!  These new friends of Megan's are such a sweet bunch.  I'm so happy that she's fitting right in with them.  : )

These kids are adorable!!  Megan has been so lucky to have such a great bunch of kids in her kindergarten class.  The parents are all  friendly too.  It was nice to be able to get to know some of them better at the party. 

Of course Megan's bff Cybele came and fit right in with everyone.  We hadn't seen Cybele and her mom/my friend Ophie in a couple of months.  It's just so crazy how quickly the time goes.

Trevor came for some bowling and pizza.  The boys were all very impressed that Megan had two big brothers at her party.  Brother number one is currently vacationing in Mexico.  Tough life, huh??

My love.

Meg's friend Colin getting the shake down.  I laugh every time I look at this!!!

All I can say is these kids are a bunch of characters.  Just look at those faces!!  Tonight we're going to our local diner with family as per Megan's request.  She's in love with one of the waitresses there and can't wait to tell her it's her birthday.  Thursday night we head down the mountain to have dinner with my father in law and Uncle Tom (my brother in law from my first marriage).  They've been in Ireland for the last two weeks and come home tomorrow.  The celebrating will continue throughout the week.  Such a lucky little girl to have so many people that love her.  She truly is our gift from above.  : )

~ Wendy


Mother's Day . . .

The view from the deck of the Canterbury Brook Inn.

A fantastic old street light in front of the restaurant.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.  In fact, it was the first sunny day we've had since last Sunday.  We met my sister and niece and nephew for Mother's Day lunch at our favorite local spot, The Canterbury Brook Inn.  On Saturday night we still weren't sure if we were all going to be able to go due to Megan still not feeling well but her fever finally broke for good after five full days of having one.  On top of the virus, she started to complain that her ear was hurting her.  When we took her to the doctor, she had a full blown ear infection in one ear and the start of one in the other ear.  She's much better now, thankfully.  I gave her one more day at home today and we're shooting for tomorrow for her to return to school. Fingers crossed!!

Walking back to the car after lunch.

This red headed son of mine cracks me up.  Seriously.  : )

Two of my loves headed home for dessert.  We took separate cars in case Megan started feeling sick again.
We came home for dessert which consisted of fresh strawberries, pound cake and homemade whipped cream.  Once you've had homemade whipped cream it's tough to go back to the store bought stuff and it's so easy to make!! Jim worked Saturday night and woke up so he could have lunch with us and then came home and went back to bed for a couple of hours before having to go to work again.  I honestly don't know how he does it. 

Gathered 'round the table for dessert.

Son #1 who made me a first time mom 23 years ago.  So hard to believe. 

Son #3 who would not stop flaring his nostrils when I tried to take his picture so I told him I was gonna take it anyway.  And I did.  : )

My nephew Tristan who graduates from high school this year.

My niece Annie who absolutely hates having her picture taken. 

I actually caught her smiling but her eyes were half closed.  Haha!!

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 I hope your Mother's Day was a good one.  Now we're on to plans for the next celebration!!!  : )

This sassy girl turns six next week!!!!  : )

Happy Monday!! ~ Wendy


This Moment . . .

These two guys were outside my window.  You can see their antlers are just starting to come in.  I was so sad to leave the wildlife that I had been feeding for fifteen years in our old neighborhood but I have been gifted with cardinals outside my studio window at the bird feeder every day, many more squirrels to feed and a gang of seven or eight deer that visit our neighborhood quite frequently. 

I'm not sure I'll be as happy about these guys once the flowers start to bloom and they start to chomp on them but, for now, they make me smile.  : )

Many blessings for a wonderful weekend and for a very happy Mothers' Day to everyone that celebrates on Sunday!!  xoxo

~ Wendy


Under the Weather . . .

My normally happy and full of ants in her pants girl has been home sick this week with a virus that has run thru her class at school.  She's had a fever since early Tuesday morning.  I think she's coming to the end of its run but we're going to keep her home until Monday just in case.  One of her little friends went back too soon and ended up being sick another couple of days.  No "two thumbs up" for her this week!!  : (

We've had clouds and rain since Sunday.  I have to admit it's been kind of nice not having to get out of bed right away to get her to school in the morning and, in all honesty, this is my absolute favorite kind of weather.  We've had the fireplace going still until we ran out of dry wood the other day.  Someone forgot to cover up the wood the last time some was brought in.  All I know is it wasn't me.  : )

I was looking thru some old photos to post since I haven't been taking many these last couple of days.  I came across a bunch that I took of turkey vultures hanging out in a mostly dead tree back in December.  I was going to the bank and I happened to have my camera with me and they were all just up there looking very ominous.  Perfect rainy day photo!!

Another perfect rainy day photo!!  These two girlies from last spring.  An oldie but a goodie!!  : )

My love has been working the last six nights in a row but now has a few days off.  Our anniversary was yesterday.  We're going to go out on a much needed date night tomorrow night.  I'm looking forward to getting out and spending some time alone with him.  We're going to try a restaurant that we've never been to before.  Stepping out of our box a bit.  : )

Happy Thursday!!  ~ Wendy


Our New Backyard . . .

This weekend was a definite mixed bag of weather.  We knew that Saturday was going to be the better of the two days so we made the most of it and spent most of the day outdoors.  We have a wonderful new yard that we're enjoying for the first time.  The house listing described the gardens as "mature."  I've come to learn that is just a nicer way to describe garden beds then to call them terribly unkempt.  There is no rhyme or reason as to how things were previously planted.  Thankfully, my mother has a green thumb and has been declared our official gardener.  : )  This is the perfect project for her and things are already starting to look so much better. 

A work in progress.


Lilacs that make everything smell so wonderful!!



Weeds.  : )

 Have a beautiful week!!  ~ Wendy