Two Favorites . . .

When I lived in our old town, there were a couple of out-of-the-way streets that I would find myself driving on when I had a few minutes before picking my daughter up from school or when it was a beautiful day out and I wanted to take advantage of the light to take a few photos or even when it was a rainy day and a feeling of melancholy came over me which has been known to happen on rainy days.  Always, the reason I was drawn to these streets was because of a particular house or two (or more) that I had fallen in love with.

In our new town it's no different.  I've already found a street that has two of my favorites.  I want to knock on their doors with coffee in hand and sit down at their table and chat with them like we've known each other forever. 

I secretly hope that little old people live in these houses.  That is how I picture them to be.  I'd love to see what they're reading and what kind of perfume they wear.   I'd love to look in their linen closet and smell what they're cooking.   Most of all, I'd love to listen to their words of wisdom and stories of days gone by.  I'll definitely let you know if this ever happens.  I'm thinking positively.  : )

 Happy Monday!!

~ Wendy


Valentine's Day Just a Few Days Late . . .

On Tuesday (Valentine's Day)  I awoke to candy and flowers and a beautiful card waiting for me in the kitchen.  Thank you, my love.  : )  After I dropped Megan off at school I drove home wishing that I had my camera with me.  I haven't been taking many photos lately and I start to get a feeling of withdrawal when this happens.  The light was so pretty so my camera and I took a ride around town to see what caught our eye.  As usual, I wasn't disappointed.  We live in such a beautiful town and I took over 150 photos.  I went down by the river and into some little neighborhoods that I haven't been in before.  I thought I'd share a few of the hearts that I found scattered about.  My honey called me from work to ask if it was okay that he worked a few extra hours so that his co-worker that was coming in for the overnight shift could take his girlfriend out to dinner and score some points with her.  I remember those days of wanting to make the special occasions extra special.  We've been together for 11 years now. He makes me feel special and appreciated most every other day of the year.  He also knows I'm pretty much a sure thing.  No dinner and alcohol needed.  : )

~ Wendy


"This Moment" and Stepping Out of My Box . . .

It's faux fur.  I felt the need to type that.  : )

I wish you all a very happy weekend.  Tomorrow I'm doing something that I've never done before.  I'm stepping out of my box and going away overnight by myself.  I'm going to stock up on some reading at Barnes and Noble, maybe rent a movie and definitely order room service.   I miss the sound of silence.  By Sunday at checkout time, my tank will be replenished and I'll be missing my family and fur babies.  And I'll definitely be ready for the return of The Walking Dead on Sunday night!!!  xoxo

~ Wendy


Stormy Thursday . . .

Our back yard from the dining room window.  There is a pool under all that snow!!

Our bbq grill.

Buddha is under there somewhere.  : )

He laid out there for ten minutes with his face up to the snow.  : )

Keeping a close eye on his brother.

Firewood piled up under the porch and it still got snow on it.

My car.

A pile of snow in the neighbors' yard.

Our outdoor lamp.

School was officially closed for today last night.  After sleeping in a little bit, we awoke to a winter wonderland!!  By this afternoon, when it finally stopped, exactly a foot of snow had fallen.  Everything looks so beautiful blanketed in fresh snow.  Brady, our 11 year old chocolate lab, is in his glory!!  He's been in and out at least a half dozen times today,  mostly just to roll around in the snow.  Our cockapoo Sparky, well not so much since it's over his head a bit.  He'd rather keep an eye on Brady from the dining room window.  Those two are like frick and frack for sure!!  The wind is blowing around now and it's about 18 degrees outside.  I'm always filled with so much gratitude on days like this one.  I'm grateful for our warm and cozy home.  I'm grateful for the hot dinner (pasta and meatballs) that I can serve my family.  I'm grateful that all of my kids are safe and sound and here with me.  I'm grateful that my honey can stay with my father in law who lives close to his job if the roads are too slippery to drive home on.  I'm also grateful to be able to sit in front of this.

How's your weather today?  : )

~ Wendy


Oldies but Goodies on a Throwback Thursday . . .

After eating a lollipop at an outdoor birthday party on a 95 degree day.  I remember this day so well.  All she wanted was to be pushed on the swings which were in the sun and on the blacktop.  I thought I was gonna faint!!  LOL

These two brothers from other mothers as they call each other.  Jakhai's mom calls me her sister from another mister.  : )

My gorgeous nephews Andre and Jason a few years ago at a craft fair in New Paltz, NY. 

A baby woodpecker in my little pear tree in our old backyard.  The people that bought our house swore they wouldn't take it down.  : )

Feeding herself. 

Oh that belly!!!!!  Now you could bounce a quarter off of it since she started gymnastics.  : )


This pretty much sums up their relationship.  Lol!!

Ballet class.

My pretty princess.  xoxo

 Where does the time go??  : (

Happy throwback Thursday to you ~ Wendy