"Clearing the Shelters" . . .

All of the dogs available for adoption at the beginning of the day on Saturday.

August 15th was "Clearing the Shelters" day here in New York.  Adoption fees were waived for the day.  I'm not sure if it was throughout the U.S.  Hopefully it was because it was a beautiful event!!!  I was asked if I could donate my time to photograph the day's activities and jumped at the chance.  What an absolutely WONDERFUL day it was!!!  Our local animal shelter chose a carnival theme for the day complete with a kissing booth, dunk tank and face painting. 

This is Ice.  She was doing the kissing at the Kissing Booth.  How could you resist that face??  : )

Ice is available for adoption and I honestly would've taken her home if we weren't already at maximum capacity here with two dogs and three cats.  All she wants to do is kiss people and have her belly rubbed!!

A tortoise shell kitten available for adoption. 

One of our young volunteers braving the dunk tank.  It was a hot day so thankfully there were lots of volunteers for this!!

 This lucky little guy was one of the first babies to get adopted on Saturday.  He was just the sweetest boy and I know his new mama is going to spoil him rotten!!  : )

Heading home with his favorite toy in his mouth.  Probably my favorite photo of the day!!  : )

It was an absolutely amazing day with 10 dogs getting new homes.  Numerous cats, kittens and rabbits found their special families as well.  Now we're off to sign the contracts for the sale of the house.  It looks like we'll be able to make an offer on the house we've been looking at in Cornwall-on-Hudson.  Things are moving so quickly but it's all good stuff!!  : )

Happy Wednesday to you ~ Wendy


A House Update and Our Little Pear Tree . . .

Our house has been on the market for two weeks now.  The first weekend it was for sale we got two offers.  We've received four now in total.  I've gone into this with no expectations but I also know how the Universe works its magic for us all the time so I'm not too surprised.  We've accepted an offer and the house should be going into contract in the next couple of days.  We've also fallen in love with a house in Cornwall-on-Hudson that would be perfect for our family and our needs right now.  Again, I have no expectations.  I learned my lesson when I fell in love with that big old house last year before we were ready to buy anything new.  Once our house goes into contract we can take the next step toward officially moving.  Yes, it's still bittersweet but now we're feeling excited as well.  

One of the things I'm going to miss the most is taking photos of the wildlife that visits our current backyard.  In particular, the birds and squirrels that come to feed at our little pear tree all year 'round. 

I've taken countless photos from my dining room window these last few years since discovering my love for photography. I've captured so many different kinds of birds feasting from the suet dispenser that hangs in our little tree.  My favorites are probably the cardinals in the winter time when they are pretty much the only bright color out there.  But in the summer when the pears are ready to be picked, my favorites are the squirrels.  I had just remarked to my husband that I was a little worried that I hadn't seen any squirrels around for most of the summer and, lo and behold, this little guy was up on our pool deck munching away yesterday. 

He was definitely camera shy and only let me take this one photo thru a foggy window before he ran away with the pear still in his mouth.  : )

We're definitely going to miss this little pear tree of ours.  The family that we hope will be buying our house was very impressed with it so my hope is that their family will love it as much as ours has.

 Now we're off to celebrate my middle guy's 19th birthday with king crab legs and cheddar biscuits.  Can you guess where we're going??  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Thursday evening ~ Wendy


From Scaredy Cat to Fish . . .

We've seen so many changes in Megan this summer.  She's grown up so much and is not as afraid to step out of her comfort zone as she once was.  At the beginning of the summer she hung onto her daddy's neck as tight as she could while in the pool.  Now she tells him to leave her alone.  Lol!!  She and her friend Hailey had races in the pool the other day and Megan held her own.  Hailey has been swimming for a couple of years and beat the pants off of her every race but that's okay.  It gives Meg a reason to keep practicing.  She's even starting to go under water now.  She still has to get out and dry off her face with her towel afterwards but it's a step in the right direction.  : ) 


In a few weeks she'll be starting kindergarten.  I remember the first time I held her like it was yesterday.  My sweet baby girl that I never, ever imagined I'd ever have.  In five short years she has already taught me so many life lessons.  I am so blessed to have her in my life and I thank God for my children every day.  They are happy and healthy and caring and compassionate.  I can't ask for anything more.  Amazing Grace!!!

Many blessings for a happy Monday and a beautiful week ahead ~ Wendy


Sunday Sayings . . .


I cannot begin to tell you how much your kind words have touched me with regard to my last post.  Although we've never met face to face, I consider you all to be my friends and I thank you for being there for me ~ each and every one of you.  God bless.  xoxo

Happy Sunday to you all ~ Wendy  : )


Keeping it Real . . .

I've sat down and started this post numerous times but always seemed to get side-tracked in the vortex of house selling and buying each time I begin to write!!  I keep reminding myself to breathe and let go of the outcome.  I'm better at it now then I was a couple of weeks ago when I was in the midst of so much anxiety I felt like I was ready to fall into a puddle on the floor.  I've been struggling with anxiety on and off for the last couple of years.  It came out of nowhere when I had to have a root canal done and basically had my first ever panic attack in the dentist's chair and left with my mouth still numb and still in need of a root canal.  I'm the person that never understood why people would freak out over what I thought was not something you should really be freaking out over.  I have friends and relatives that suffer from anxiety on many different levels.  I had been on medication after my husband passed away.  Something very mild that made me feel like I could be happy again despite losing my husband and suddenly being a single mom to three young children.  After I went off of that medication I was fine until the root canal and then all hell broke loose.  It's hard for me to talk about and I haven't said anything before now because I think there's some kind of stigma attached to taking medication and in "blog world" you try to keep it light and happy.  It's not always light and happy though and I truly respect bloggers who talk about the bad as well as the good.  Bloggers who keep it real.

My doctor and I made the decision that I should go back on medication.  If I told you I didn't feel a sense of defeat I'd be lying.  It took me so long to get off of the meds I was taking after my husband passed.  Unfortunately, the first new medication she put me on made me feel worse.  I kept hearing and reading on line that you have to give it time to completely take full effect.  I waited and waited for almost 7 weeks and then I couldn't do it anymore.  I switched doctors and she found the right medication for me.  It's only been a couple of days but I'm already starting to feel like me again.  My reality today is that I have a chemical imbalance.  It's not just "all in my mind" so to speak.  It's real and it's scary as hell.  The thoughts that go thru your mind are scary as hell.  I knew HAPPY Wendy was in there some place because I would catch glimpses of her every so often and then she was gone.  I know this is a hard thing for people to talk about but I wanted to share my experience just in case there is anyone out there experiencing something similar.  I'm here for you if you want to talk to someone that will not stand in judgement.

I'm sorry for such a heavy post today.  My intention for this post was to give an update on our house situation but I guess I felt the need to share something different and I had to go with it.  The house stuff can wait.  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful and happy day ~ Wendy


Summer on a {mostly} Wordless Wednesday . . .

Spending time with friends, tending to our little garden and doing a lot of swimming in the pool while the heat in New York is sweltering.  This is our summer so far.  Nothing too exciting but happy nonetheless.  We hope to have a beach day on Friday.  I've been wanting to sit by the ocean and smell the salty air.  A photographer is coming tomorrow to take photos of our house for the listing.  Exciting times, uncertain times, stressful times but still times for making happy memories.  How's your summer going??  : )

Happy Wednesday!!!  ~ Wendy