A Quick Stephanie Update . . .

Stephanie went for her 6th round of chemo on Tuesday. When she called me and sounded so good I assumed she hadn't had a treatment because she's usually feeling crappy the day of chemo and goes home and straight to bed and feels like a new woman the next day. She did indeed have her treatment but told her doctor beforehand that she had been experiencing longer bouts of not feeling well since the last round. Steph's doctor tweaked a med or two and it helped immensely. She even had a craving for a steak and mashed potato dinner at the Outback. My father would be proud!!!!

Steph also got the results of her scan that she had two weeks ago to see how things are going with the tumors. She got really good news. The tumor has shrunk in her colon and the ones on her liver have either gotten smaller or have stayed the same. There has been no growth of any of them and no spread of any kind. Her Oncologist is very pleased. The next step is to meet with the liver specialist probably some time next week. He has a couple of options and is very pleased that he can try a few things that he normally doesn't get to try because most of his patients are much older than Steph and they couldn't handle the treatment. He is leaning toward liver re-section on the one side and zapping the other side of the liver with chemo directly and then doing the opposite when the other side regenerates. I'll keep everyone posted as to when the surgery is scheduled for.

Prayers, prayers and more prayers, please. Stephanie was hoping for that miracle of no signs of any more cancer but is happy if the Oncologist is happy.
Many Blessings ~ Wendy


Kimmy Words said...

I'm sitting here at my desk with tears in my eyes. I am so happy. What wonderful news and it will continue to improve all the time.

Kathy said...

That's awesome news. I hope the reports keep getting better and better.