I Love You, Grandpop . . .

We almost made it thru the month of November without a hitch. Then, during Thanksgiving pie, jello, cookies and more pie we received a phone call from my uncle in upstate New York telling us that my grandfather had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. My grandfather lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is, in fact, the Archie Bunker of Arkansas. How this purebred New Yorker and biggest New York Yankees fan you have ever met ended up in Arkansas is a whole other story.

My grandfather is 86. I hesitate to tell you his age because it does not give you a true picture of who he is. He is, without a doubt, the youngest 86 year old you will EVER meet in this lifetime or any other. He works. He has a social life that puts mine to shame. When my mother turned 60, he called her to tell her he couldn't believe he had a daughter her age. His exact words were "I don't even date women as old as you." He is the only person that could've said that to my mother and gotten away with it!! He has been in Recovery for many years. On the anniversary of his sobriety this year he qualified to a room full of people that adored and respected him. It was recorded but I haven't had the chance to hear it yet. I spoke with my mother and told her that I want to hear his qualification. I want to hear his voice and all of his pearls of wisdom. I want to hear the voice that is not currently audible and may never be again. He can live without being able to move his arm or leg but I know he will not be able to live without his voice.

Last nite I received a text message from my mother telling me that he had a tiny bit of movement on his right side. If any 86 year young man can come back from this it is the man who taught me how to fish. It is the man who took me to many Yankee games when I was a kid and made me wear my helmet on "Helmet Day" when it was 100 degrees outside. It is the man who bopped me in the back of the head for booing Sweet Lou Piniella when I thought the fans were saying "boo" but they were actually saying "Lou." It is the man who was a pilot during World War II. It is the man who survived an addiction that he was told would take his life if he didn't do something about it.

I love you, Grandpop.

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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