End of Summer Sleep Over . . .

It's a rainy Saturday morning here in New York. I actually slept until a little after 7:30 which is late for me. The bedroom was dark and my husband was asleep next to me for the first time in a week. Oh, how I hate those night shifts sometimes!! If it wasn't for the two spoiled rotten babies that needed to be let out I might still be in bed.

Here's what was going on in the living room when I came down the stairs.

Son #2 sleeping on a blowup mattress in the middle of the living room floor.

Three of his best friends pretending to sleep for the camera. There is actually one hiding under the blanket. He's a little camera shy in the morning, apparently. : )

Son #3 who wakes up with the chickens no matter what time he goes to bed. He's pretending to snore in this pic. Definitely a ham!!

Son #2 called from the skating rink last nite to ask if they could have a sleep over. At first, the thought of having four 13 year old high energy boys in the house didn't appeal to me AT ALL, truth be told. But soon the begging and pleading that it could be one of their last chances to all be together before school starts got to me and I caved. My husband just looked at me and shook his head. He thinks I'm too much of a push over and he's probably right. The way that I look at it, though, is that they only have one summer of being 13 and life has a way of changing from one summer to the next. Memories last forever.

Many blessings - Wendy

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What hams! I remember those sleep overs the boys had - great fun!