After the Boys of Summer are Gone . . .

. . . come the boys of fall.

Fall baseball, that is. I know son # 2 doesn't look thrilled in this picture but it's the "I'm tired of having my picture taken for your blog, Mom" look. You think he'd be used to it by now!! :)

Even his friend and team mate, Matt, let me take a picture of him. His mom told me he doesn't like getting his picture taken at all . . .

. . . unlike this ham!!! He's happy to pose for a pic anytime, anyplace. He's actually standing on top of the dugout here and I shot the picture thru the fence. Then, after I got the picture of course, I yelled at him to get off of the roof!!

Mother of the Year I'm not!!!!!! : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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