WARNING ~ Do Not View on an Empty Stomach

Today, I woke up with a sweet tooth. Visions of sugar plums are dancing in my head. It made me think of all of my favorite sweet treats.

I thought I'd combine some of those sweet treats with a little EYE CANDY thrown in for good measure.

Everything Martha Stewart touches turns into eye candy!!

Don't you just love the orange and turquoise together?

Isn't this sweet little tree adorable? I thought this was such a great idea to use ice cream cones as decorations. Leave it to Country Living Magazine to come up with this!!

Who doesn't love these?!!?

Of course we have to add a little chocolate to the mix!!

These are a MUST this time of the year!!

The thing about candy corn, I find, is that you either love them or hate them. Which side of the fence are you on?

Another wonderful idea from Martha Stewart ~ candy necklaces used as garland.

Why didn't I think of that?!!?

I don't particularly like these mint candies but they remind me of my Grandmother and I just love the way they're being packaged here.

It truly is "all in the presentation!!"

Suddenly, I'm back in elementary school celebrating Valentine's Day with my classmates and counting all of the Valentines I received in the milk carton mailbox we each made in art class. : )

Are you hungry yet?!!?

You can't say I didn't warn you!! : )

I hope your Saturday is filled with lots of sweet treats and eye candy!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy

P.S. ~ I could not get my blog layout to cooperate this morning and, quite frankly, rather then throw my computer out the window I have kept my post with all of its extra spaces and gaps. It's not as pretty as I would like it to be but it's written with love for all who read it. : )


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I like the way your entry looks today..and not to mention all that yummy candy..I will take a piece of each..:)have a great weekend.:)

cindy said...

So very sweet! And LOVE the colors in the brown/green candy bar...gorgeous!

yapping cat

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

wow the candy pictures are just wonderful, so colorful, I will have to look again to decide my favorite, sssoooo coool, thank you for sharing them, I am a new blogger and a new follower of yours, come to my house for a visit, love to have you

cindymeguiar@yahoo.com said...

OH MY! CANDY!!! I have a REAL weakness for candy! I LOVE candy corn....and now having viewed this beautiful post......I think I'll go have a handful...........or two!

cindymeguiar@yahoo.com said...

My web page didn't post for some reason.........maybe because I did something wrong....my mind was on the candy corn. Let me try again....

sweetwilliam said...

chocolate, chocolate, chocolate - morning, noon and night!

Gina said...

I'm reading this in bed and now I have the munchies! I'm trying to work out if there is anything in the cupboards in the kitchen worth getting out of bed for....?!

Anonymous said...

LOL Wendy, I'm glad you didn't throw your computer out the window, I would miss your posts :)

Loved the bit about the heart-shaped lollipops, because I sooooo remember those milk-carton valentines boxes too! I loved that holiday as a kid at school.

I'm off now to go see what candy my kids have that I can steal-

mummyof5monsters said...

OH WOW- that is just mean you know! Great post! (I LOVE candy corn, but have to go to a lolly shop over an hour away to get it!) thanks for following/visiting, after looking at this ill follow you too (wiping drool off keyboard) Congratulations on the bubba, yep, I love my crazy boys too!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I love CANDY, CANDY , CANDY, especially Hammond's. Their candies have such a nostalgic reminder of my youth.
When we'd walk home from school, there was a candy man that would drive by, very similar to the ice cream trucks with the music. We'd have a multitude of confections to choose from, including buttons and old fashioned taffy (which was flat and long). When my friend and I chat long distance we still remember all those candies, many no longer around. It truly is a sweet memory.

Sweet wishes,

Roxanne said...

Wendy!For quite some time now, you have left the loveliest comments on my blog.Then a few minutes ago I was reading my daughter (Beth&company) and there you were again just saying the sweetest things! I could wait no longer to tell you what a blessing and encouragement you are. Thank you Wendy! And please forgive me for not reciprocating. I'm proud to say I'm now following you and I'll be back often!

Seeing your candy post reminds me to start stocking up on candy because I plan to make some unusual gingerbread houses this year.Thanks again...Big hug!