Lots of Fun in Very Little Sun . . .

It's hard to believe how quickly our week at the beach came and went this year. We all had a great time catching up with friends and family, some of which we hadn't seen since last year's reunion at the beach.

For the last couple of years Eileen and Bob (the two in polka dots) have become the "cruise directors" of our beach reunion. There are no words to describe what an incredible job they've done!! They're pictured with our DJ that we hire every year for our annual BBQ. We run 50/50's all weekend to offset the cost and it really makes the BBQ such a great time. Everyone dances and we even sing karaoke.
We've pretty much taken over the motel where we stay but for the few non-family members that are staying there we are more than happy to let them join us. There are several families that have even decided to book the same week every year just so they can be at the beach the same time as us because we're such a fun group!! : )

This year's theme for the BBQ was polka dots. Don't you just love the socks!!

My sister Cindy and nephew Tristan at the polka dot BBQ.

Megan wearing her polka dots.

The picture above is of the sign that is hung the day of the BBQ. The day has been dedicated to my first husband, John. For those of you that aren't familiar with the story, John passed away almost six years ago very suddenly at the age of 40. He LOVED to BBQ and helped cook for everyone at the BBQ every year before he passed. We also have "Pat's Derby" and "Walter's Duck Race." These were named for two other beloved family members who have passed in the last several years.

This year was very different for me. Traveling to a sunny location with an infant who is too young to wear sunscreen makes it very difficult to spend any time at the beach or even at poolside so lots of my time was spent in our motel room.

Who got more sun? My nephew or my foot?!? He even wore sunscreen every day!!

I know that probably sounds like a bummer to lots of people but, truth be told, I'm not much of a sun person. The temperature was also in the 90's most of the time and mixed with high humidity. With that said, Meggie and I didn't have such a bad time hanging together indoors. PLUS they had the Bravo channel on the television. I caught up on all of my favorite reality shows that I've become addicted to in a BIG way since I've been spending so much time on the couch nursing a baby. I think I have the slowest nurser in breastfeeding history!! so it's nothing for me to sit and feed her for an hour.

Besides . . . how could anybody mind spending oodles of time with this pretty baby girl?!!?

Many blessings ~ Wendy


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

The heat and babies are a difficult combo.
It looks like loads if fun.
And has'nt your lil girl grown!!!!

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, my gosh!! How much fun does that look like???? So glad you were able to go and Miss Megan looks rockin good in polka dots!!!