A Kind of Sad Kind of Day . . .

Today I'm having one of those "I feel like I haven't done anything around the house except take care of the baby" kind of days. I did two loads of laundry and got the kitchen cleaned up and dishwasher loaded but that's about it.

Megan is now into rubbing her food in her hair and spitting it at me. Part of me wants to cry but another part of me wants to laugh and take pictures of her when she does it. Thankfully, the second part won this round!!

Today is also my father's birthday. He passed away five years ago very unexpectedly. He was only 59. He had just retired, bought a fishing boat and had a grandson named after him. He stepped in to help with my sons when my husband passed away suddenly just a year before. My life has changed so much since then. I have an incredible new husband and we added our baby to the brood last year. I don't cry anymore when I think about my first husband. Actually, I should say I don't cry for myself anymore but I do still cry for the boys when they have a momentous occasion in their life that their father isn't physically here for. I know he's certainly here but not for the boys to see.

I do still, however, cry at the drop of a hat when I think about my father. I honestly don't know that I will ever think about him on days like today and not cry. I was just starting to scratch the surface of who he was. What my father lacked in fatherhood he made up for in "Grandpa-hood" and my boys adored him. My daughter is the only grandchild that he never got to hold. I tell her about him. I tell her she has a belly just like "Grandpop Rippy." "Rippy" was his nickname.

I miss you so much, Dad. XOXOXOXO

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby! I miss those day when the biggest problem was food rubbed in the hair. I was good at handling those problems. Teen things - well, I'm just not as graceful about them.

What a wonderful heritage you have to pass to your children. I know how you feel, the sorrow that they are not there to share tangible moments. You are blessed to have had a dad who was there for you in many ways. I only experienced that through my grandfather who died when I was 11.

Be blessed. Wishing you a week of blessing and joy:)(and less food in hair)

Gina said...

Some days can feel a bit flat if you have just been trying to keep on top of the never ending task of housework. I'm not surprised you feel a little down considering your Dads anniversary. If the day passed by as just any other it would mean you weren't missing him. It's so good to talk to kids about special people even if they are not still around. My kids still call out loud and ask "Grandad Luddy" to get us a car space when we are out and about. None of them ever met him but the know of him through him being kept alive in our family. I'm sure he can do more that just navigate us to a free car space but I'm sure he gets a laugh out of being remembered as the years tick by. It sounds like you are doing the same with "Grandpop Rippy" !
Thinking of you.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I just came over after you left me a comment from seeing me at a beach cottage...funny how this blog thing works. anyway, i was scrolling through your older posts and came upon this sad story of bits of your life, and i am left feeling for you and your kids. so sad to lose a dad, no matter the age, but especially when dads (or husbands that are dads) are young...it is awful. So I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for your losses, your kids losses too. I am glad you have a great new partner to share your life with though! That part is nice.