A Rant on a Monday . . .

I'm sitting quietly, sipping coffee. Son #1 is still asleep. He doesn't have to be to school until 10:30 since he loaded up on classes freshman, sophomore and junior years. Today I have to contact the financial aid office at Hofstra to see if we are eligible for any aid other then the scholarship he's been given if he decides to go there. The middle class gets screwed out of everything, don't we? It's really very sad to me. As of now, my generation will be leaving our children a mess that is beyond our comprehension. Promises are made and never kept and our children are the ones that are suffering for it. Our schools are bulging at the seams and more cuts are going to be made. Cuts to teachers, teacher's assistants, school activities, sports, special ed, and the list goes on. I follow several blogs where children are home schooled and I honestly used to frown upon that idea. Now it's looking pretty good to me. Unfortunately, I'm not a very structured personality and I don't think it would work for me. Truth be told, I like that they leave for part of the day. It makes me love and appreciate them all the more upon their return. : )

By the way, I'm having trouble adding pics to my blog. Is anybody else? Everything just freezes up when I try to add them.

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Gina said...

When my daughter started in kindy aged 4 I really enjoyed that she spent a few hours every day being stimulated by adults who's purpose was to teach and enrich her.

I though home school mums were crazy, tree hugging, organic hippies. Now my daughter is in high school and I can honestly say that I see things in a whole new light. Apart from being drained financially with constant notes coming home with requests for money I think how good it would be to keep her away from the influence of cigarettes, drugs and BOYS!

I take back all my nasty thoughts about home schooling mums. I'm just going to put on my favorite non bleached cotton cardi and go find a tree to hug..

Sage said...

I clicked over to your blog from cjane when I read that you were my age, with similar aged kids (although I have one more). My oldest son is going to college in the fall too. The price of an education is astronomical. I agree it is crazy.

I've always wanted an unreachable, perfect mix of homeschool and public school. Instead,I send them all to school and hope for the best.

Your photos are adorable and your etsy shop looks like fun.