Megan Turns One . . .

On May 17th, Miss Megan Grace Valentine turned one!! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone and at the same time Jim and I find it difficult to believe that she's been a part of our lives for only a year. Above is a picture of Megan telling her Nana that she's one. We worked on that for about a month and I think she has it mastered!!

We had a small family gathering over for pizza and cake. Above are my father in law and my niece, Annie. Jim had to work so we kept it simple and made sure to record the highlights of the evening. We're going to be celebrating in a much bigger way on Saturday with a family picnic. We expect about 70 people and are praying the weather is okay. Jim has been hard at work everyday trying to make the backyard look nice and we even got the pool opened up in time for Saturday.

A couple of weeks ago, Jim and I were working a bake sale at Brendan's school and the music teacher brought one of these xylophones out of her classroom for Megan to play with. Megan loved it so I got her one for her birthday. She has been playing with it non-stop!! She absolutely loves music and I think she's even starting to try to sing along with the radio in the car. I swear!! : )

My father in law gave Meggie a dozen pink roses for her birthday. They were absolutely gorgeous!!! He is so in love with her. Even though they are not related by blood (he is my first husband's father) he calls her his granddaughter and Megan's whole face lights up when he comes into the house to visit. It is the sweetest thing to see. His whole family in Ireland always asks about her and he sends them pictures all the time. Anyone that doesn't believe in a power greater than us needs to hear our story and they will certainly think twice. Amazing Grace!!!

I'll share more pictures tomorrow. I'm pooped after a day of gardening and cleaning and my pillow is calling my name. : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy

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