Lovely Lavender . . .

It seems like everywhere I go lately I see lavender. Lovely bunches of this.

In pretty pots and wreaths. Making everything smell so wonderful!!

Bordering gardens and beautifully weathered fences.

Imagine running thru a field of this!!

Truly one of nature's most brilliant works of art!!!

Many blessings for a beautiful day ~ Wendy


Lynn Richards said...

Mine is in bloom right now, right next to the gardenias and it is one of my most favorite smells!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH I love the smell and look of lavender we have the lavender festival every year in july..and it is so neat to see all the fields of purple and the smell is divine..;)

Pink Ronnie said...

Oh Wendy, I just love lavender!
Ronnie xo

beth said...

i think in my next life i want to live in a lavender field....like maybe as a tree in the middle of it :)

koralee said...

Oh I have always wanted a Lavender farm...just think what joy that would be. Thanks for sharing such lovely images...and for visiting me the other day! Love your blog...happy weekend. xoxox

I Read. Do You? said...

Love lavender! I'm stopping by from the Friday Over 40 blog hop and I love your pictures of lavender. Hope you will visit back.