Why Oh Why, Meg Ryan ?!!? . . .

One of my most favorite movies ever is "When a Man Loves a Woman" starring Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan. It was made in 1994 and is the story of an airline pilot (played by Andy Garcia) and his wife (played by Meg Ryan) who are forced to face the consequences of her alcoholism when her addictions threaten her life and their daughter's safety. While she enters detox, he must face the truth of his enabling behavior.

The way Garcia's character looks at his wife in this film takes my breath away. I'm getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. : )

I laughed and I cried during this very poignant film. I also fell in love with Meg Ryan as an actress and wanted to be her, even if it was just for a day ~ tall and skinny with gorgeous blue eyes and a haircut to die for!!

This weekend, I came across this current photo of her and I wanted to cry. I know that getting older in Hollywood is not exactly welcomed with open arms but, for the love of God, why do you have to go to a plastic surgeon and completely take away the beauty that you were lucky enough to be born with? I'm all for being tweaked here and there but when you start to have an alien look about you it's time to stop.

Goodbye, Meg Ryan. I'll miss you and your adorable former self!! : (

Many blessings for a wonderful week ~ Wendy


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh, Wendy...how I agree with you! It is happening to so many actresses and just "plain folk" too!

beth said...

oh lord....i haven't seen meg in awhile and you are so right.....sheesh, she really went overboard.

i have loved her forever too, but now she's kind of hard to look at.

i love that movie and have seen it numerous times...it's one of the good ones. when she gets locked outside, when she goes out in the middle of the night to drink from a bottle in the garbage can and he lets her in.....oh there's some good scenes in that movie.

and i love her in you've got mail" which again i have seen so many times....when she's sick with her cold and he comes and gives her flowers/daisies and she's got used kleenex all around her...my hubby says she is so me during that whole little scenario....

penguinsandladybugs said...

Sad for Meg...totally agree with you!!!