Watching the Parade Go By . . .

This year, Jim had to work on July 4th. Rather then sit home by ourselves, Brendan, Megan and I took a ride up to my sister's house to spend the day with her and my niece and nephew. My sister lives in a town called Cornwall-on-Hudson. It is the epitome of Smalltown, USA. At 5:00 we walked down the hill to see the parade that the town has every year. There were droves of people coming out of nowhere to see this parade and it gave me such a good feeling to see that patriotism is still very much alive.

Megan watching the parade go by. She loved the music and clapped when the bands came marching by. She hated the fire trucks when they blared their sirens and I had to hold her ears. The other kids were celebrating "Independence Day" by sitting on the other side of the road. : )

This is Grandma Doris. She and her family own Jones Farm which is the most wonderful place to visit if you're ever in Cornwall. There's a gift shop, a bakery filled with all of Grandma Doris' homemade goodies, apples and pumpkins in the fall and a barn with chickens, a miniature pony and donkey and a pig. We love to visit there whenever we can. FYI ~ her snickerdoodles are TO DIE FOR!!! Oh, and the carrot cake is the most sinfully delicious dessert you have ever tried. EVER!!!!

Megan wanting to share her lolli with the people watching the parade next to us.

A fun time was had by all but, by the end, Miss Meggie was ready for a nap. Pink eyes and her thumb in her mouth are a dead giveaway. I guess all that excitement wore her out!!

We look forward to next year's parade and I told my sister that I want to make it a new tradition. I love this country that we live in. Sometimes, I get discouraged and wonder how future generations are going to clean up this mess that our government has created. But then I spend a few hours in Smalltown, USA and know that there is still so much more good in this country than bad.

God bless America!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Saving By The Sea said...

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Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Smalltown USA - best times in the world! Great parade pics!