Bitter and Sweet . . .

My son just pulled out of the driveway headed toward Hofstra University where he'll be attending his freshman orientation for the next three days. I feel like I'm in a dream and someone is going to be waking me up any minute and he's going to be the baby in the crib in our bedroom upstairs instead of my daughter. I don't think that anything can prepare a mother for how quickly the time goes from when you first hold your newborn baby to when you watch him drive off to the beginning of his adult life.

Roots have been pretty easy. It's the wings part that I seem to be having a little trouble with. : )

Many blessings ~ Wendy


Bella Michelle said...

I know your feelings as my daughter is entering her 2nd year in college and just yesterday we moved her into her new apartment (last year she lived on campus). I struggle even after my younger ones go back to school the 1st few mornings after I drop them off...it is as if I am acutely aware of how fast time has flown and how much I missed, even though I was there. (((hugs))) sending soothing your soul thoughts!

cpcable said...

Oh my! What a big transition indeed. I have a hard time thinking that my baby will ever be old enough to leave home, but I know that it will come all too soon.