Autumn on Pinterest . . .

My name is Wendy and I'm addicted to Pinterest!! If you're not quite sure what it is that I'm talking about you can find it here . Once you get a taste of it, there's NO turning back!!! You can't say I didn't warn you. : )

Some of my favorite recent "pinnings." Very autumnal . I love that word and use it as often as I can this time of the year!!

Brooch Orange House

A felted brooch found at Intres on Etsy.

Little Moons - Crocheted Earrings in orange

Crocheted lace earrings found at FebystsanDesigns on Etsy.

Vintage Bud Vase - Fall Leaf Pattern

Vintage bud vase found at willowonthewater on Etsy.

Three Autumn Pumpkins Handmade from Felted Wool - Collection No. 15

Felted wood pumpkins found at mmwolters on Etsy.

Orange Felted Flower Brooch Pin or Hair Accessory - Magic of Gold Broche - Hand Felted

Orange felted brooch by crafts2love on Etsy.

Falling Leaves Applique Earrings

Falling leaves applique earrings by ThatOldBlueHouse2 on Etsy.

Trees Linen Pillow Cover -12x20

Linen pillow cover from sukanart on Etsy.

10 White Acorns - Magical Hanging Wool Acorns - Wedding Decor.

Hanging wool acorns by Fairyfolk on Etsy.

SALE 20% off - Fall Days - 8x8 Fine Art Print by Sara Norris Photography

Fall Days art print by saranorris on Etsy.

I could go on and on and on . . .

Many blessings for a happy and peaceful Thursday.

~ Wendy


oceangirl said...

Hello Wendy, we do not have seasons here but I really believe I would love Autumn. And the autumn collection is so pretty, I would not be able to pick, I will take all home:)

And your ponytails is soo adorable. Happy Thursday to you.

Sarah said...

Those earrings are beautiful! I really love pinterest too, pinning things is very addictive.



Su-sieee! Mac said...

Hi, Wendy, I think I could become addicted, too. Thanks for dropping by "Take 25 to Hollister." :-)

julochka said...

oh, i know...pinterest is so addictive. especially at first, but it does fade down to a more, ah...normal...level after a little while. :-)

Bella Michelle said...

I am just getting into Pinterest and I am seeing how totally addictive it can be! Happy Fall!