Monday Morning Meggie . . .

I took so many photos this summer and am just now getting around to editing them. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites of Megan this morning.

Daddy's girl all the way!!

My beach baby!! She absolutely loved the sand and the water!!

I loved this shot of her in the pool. Those are water drops, not tears. : ) She actually loved the pool. I swear I could bite those lips and I do!!!

This is probably my favorite shot of the summer. Megan is checking out her belly. I laughed so hard!! I found this bikini in Target at the beginning of the summer and couldn't resist!!

Movie star!!!

Love the hair blowing in the sea breeze.

Winning a prize on the boardwalk.

I have so many more photos to share and I'm having fun editing them. Finding the time to do it is another story. : )

Many blessings for a happy and peaceful week ~ Wendy


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love all the photos especially the belly photo.,have a wonderful week.)

Christy said...

She is adorable! Great pics.

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Wendy!! Miss Megan has gotten so BIG!! Where has the time gone????
She is utterly adorable. I bet you fall in love every single day!!

Sissym said...

I loved to see pictures of their beautiful family. I love kids. My human daughter is 10 and is called Laura. And I have a cat daughter who is 4 years old and her name is Lola. I loved Megan Movie Star, she looks as Laura when was younger.

It is a great pleasure to visit and meet her.

Kisses from Rio de Janeiro.