Autumn Delights . . .

On a beautiful fall day, a couple of weeks ago, my sister and I and our kids met and took a ride upstate to find a new place to get our pumpkins. We were pressed for time so we settled on a roadside farm stand that met all of our autumnal (I love that word!!) needs.

These beautiful chairs were for sale but, short of tying them to the top of my car, there was no way I was getting them home. Between pumpkins, apples and kids we were packed to the rafters!! : )

They had a cute little area filled with chickens, ducks, roosters and a big ol' Tom Turkey. They are just amazing creatures to look at. Not the prettiest but amazing nonetheless!!

Megan checking out the chickens.

This guy kept getting very close to the highway and made me a nervous wreck!! LOL!!

My niece, Annie.

The cousins made me take a picture of them by the stream that ran alongside the parking lot. I almost broke my neck trying to get up to the top of the hill with clogs on!!

We had a wonderful day, filled with lots of great food and memories. These autumn days go way too fast!! : (

Many blessings for a happy Wednesday ~ Wendy

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So many beautiful photos!