Crazy, Crazy, Crazy . . .

The three words I'd use to describe the weather here on the East coast!! Oh . . . and did I mention CRAZY !!!!!

In the last several days, we've endured weather unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. It snowed very wet and very heavy snow on Saturday. We lost our power until Monday. My father in law and many of our friends still are without power. The house got down to 51 degrees. Needless to say, it was very cold. We still had hot water and our stove worked and I had gone food shopping on Friday and made a huge pot of chicken and dumpling soup in anticipation of the storm. The time without television was actually kind of nice and we took turns charging our cell phones in the car. We had also purchased a battery operated radio and several lanterns when Hurricane Irene came through a couple of months ago. We listened to the Giants' game and watched Megan dance to the music in between ordering take out food once the soup was gone. We were very blessed to have minimal damage to the few trees and bushes on our property but our neighbors weren't so lucky. Some areas look like battlefields. So sad for all of the trees!!

I can't thank our Emergency response workers enough for all that they do!!!! The fire department, the ambulance volunteers and paramedics, the police department and the utility workers have all done a phenomenal job keeping things going. Hopefully all of the people that are still without heat and electric will have it returned soon.

Many blessings for a wonderful and electricity filled day ~ Wendy : )


Kathy said...

I am glad you fared well! My husband said there'd probably be a lot of damage due to there being leaves still on the trees adding extra weight! We've experienced one power outage years back here in Georgia - I was thankful for gas heated water and fireplace logs!
Hope all is better now!

Christy said...

That is some crazy weather! Ive never seen snow on pumpkins like that before. Always heard of "frost on the pumpkins" but never snow Lol