The Love of a Family . . .

. . . is life's greatest blessing.

Megan with Daddy and Mimi.

Hanging with Grandpop at the fall fair we attend every year.

Beeping cousin Andre's nose!!

Andre adores his cousin. It's the sweetest thing to see them together. : )

Mimi and Aunt Michelle.

Getting lots of lovin' from Mimi!!

Cousins Jason, Megan and Andre when Aunt Wendy (me!!) decides to take a picture at 9:00 at night when Megan is done for the day!! : )

I'm sticking with the family and friends theme this week because that is what I'm most grateful for during this season of gratitude.

Many blessings for a happy Tuesday ~ Wendy

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The Redhead Riter said...

Love and family...nothing else can compare.