What I'm Lovin' on Etsy - Monday Edition . . .

This Christmas season, I've made the conscious decision to keep things as simple and cost effective as possible. I've set a limit for each child and I'm really going to try to stick to it. We don't use credit cards anymore. That makes a HUGE difference in spending for us. Having the awareness that you're done once the cash is gone whether you want to be or not is a real eye opener. We do keep a card for emergency purposes only but that's it.

I'd also like to give "handmade" when possible so I've been perusing Etsy a lot in the past couple of days. I am truly an Etsy addict when I'm allowed to be!! It has grown and changed so much since I first discovered it several years ago. The photos that people post of their offerings are phenomenal and really make you have to raise the bar on your own. I wanted to share a few samples of just some of the wonderful things I've marked as "favorites" during the last few days.

Above is a gorgeous handmade patchwork child's quilt that I found at SweetPeaandCo and below is a beautiful vintage plaid carrying case found at susantique. I love, love, love this!!!

I fell in love with this antique gathering basket that can be found at ImSoVintage.

A cordial tea trio from the 1970's found at forEYESandHANDS.

Above is a 1950's sky blue baby boy's onesie with bowtie that I found at starfriendsonearth.

Below is a pair of white and mauve porcelain earrings from NotenboomCeramics.

I'm loving this antique spice tin set that I found at WillowTreeAntiques.

This owl powder box is beyond adorable!! I found it at Mmim along with a whole lot of other goodies that are perfect to give as gifts or to put a little something something inside. : )

When I first found this vintage Italian necklace I would've bet the ranch it was edible!! Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was beads!! This can be found at socaljewelbox.

Above, I found this little cat plush cutie at dancingintherains. There are many other equally adorable offerings to be found there too.

And keeping with the child's theme, I found this sweet little cotton onesie at CausticThreads.
Her shop is choc full of wonderful handmades for all ages!!

And finally, I couldn't resist this vintage Kodak Holiday Flash Brownie camera. I see so many great vintage cameras when I'm catching up on some of my favorite blogs. This one caught my eye and I thought would make someone very happy on Christmas morning!!

So tomorrow I will be back with my Etsy Lovin' Tuesday Edition. I'm honestly having so much fun doing this and I hope it shows!!! : )

Many blessings for a happy day ~ Wendy

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JGH said...

How fun - I need to get over there and do some shopping. I didn't realize I'd be able to find so many vintage things there-- I thought it was mostly for crafts. Regardless, I love being able to support small businesspeople and crafters rather than the big box stores this time of year!