A Day Trip . . .

Earlier this week, we ventured to Cornwall, NY to visit my mom, aka Nana. It was a chilly but beautiful day. We had lunch at what is very quickly becoming one of our new favorite places to eat on the waterfront in Newburgh, NY.

Newburgh is part of the Hudson Valley that has fallen by the wayside throughout the years. In its' prime, it must have been gorgeous. There are tons of once beautiful Victorian homes that now sit with their windows boarded up. There is such potential for Newburgh and business people are starting to tap into it.

Recently, part of the waterfront in Newburgh has been turned into a fantastic place to shop and dine. Above is the front door to Billy Joe's Ribworks which is where we had lunch. The inside is decorated with lots of wood, exposed pipes and nostalgia.

Their mascot "Billy Joe."

I think if Megan had to pick her favorite part of our lunch with Nana it would definitely be running up and down the "ramp" leading into the restaurant.

Pure joy!!!!!!!

Many blessings for a happy Wednesday ~ Wendy

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Wendy ! Your post looks so American today ! It is so sad about those houses ; is it because of the economic crisis ? I hope they find a new life some day ; Victorian houses can be very beautiful. X Christine