A Little Girl and her Pap . . .

A couple of years after my first husband passed away, I felt like I was ready to meet someone again. I always knew that I'd remarry. It was just a feeling I had. Becoming a widow at 37 years old is not something that you ever expect to happen to you. I'm not one to date a lot. I never did. I've had three long-term relationships in my life and I married two of them (just to give you an idea of how little I've dated. LOL!! ). I've definitely had my fair share of fun but it takes a lot for someone to capture my heart and I've been so blessed to have found that twice in this lifetime.

The second time around was very different from the first. I had three young sons who were the center of my life and I knew it would take an extra special man to take that on. I also had my in-laws who I remained very close to. My boys are their only grandchildren.

When I decided to take a leap of faith and fill out a questionaire on eHarmony (an on-line dating site), I stressed the importance of my children coming before all else. About a year after joining eHarmony, just as my membership was about to expire, Jim responded to my profile. We've been together ever since.

He learned early on how close I was to my in-laws and embraced them with open arms. They did the same with him. They came to our wedding which must've been a difficult thing for them to do but you never would've known. After we got married, they introduced us as their daughter in law and son in law. My mother in law passed away two years ago, not long after we told her we were going to have a baby. When we told her it was going to be a girl she was over the moon. Several strokes had made it difficult for her to talk but she let us know that she wanted to buy her lots of dresses. She passed two months before Megan was born.

Since then, Megan has been the light of my father in law's life. There are no words to describe the love between the two of them!! She is his granddaughter and he is her Pap. He speaks to her in Gaelic (he's from Galway, Ireland) and plays dolls with her and buys her all of the dresses that his wife never got to buy for her.

A little girl and her Pap . . .

it makes my heart smile!!

Many blessings for a happy Tuesday ~ Wendy

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Jenny said...

I found you through Soulemama. This was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing:)