Off to PA . . .

We're in the midst of a kitchen renovation here so I thought it would be fun to get away for a few days. My wonderful friend, Saskia, and I are taking our children (her son and my Brendan and Megan) and my "adopted" son, Jakhai (our Fresh Air Fund sponsee that we've fallen in love with!!) to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a few days. I've been there before and loved it. It is a photographer's dream and I plan on taking lots of photos to share here. Lancaster is known for its Amish people and we're hoping to be able to visit a farm or two and maybe take a buggy ride. For a country lover like myself, the shopping is divine!!!! It might be a little difficult with four kids in tow but if there's a will, there's a way!!! : )

Many blessings for a wonderful rest of your week ~ Wendy

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