Cousins . . .

My nephew Jason is the epitome of a little man.  He is absolutely beautiful and so filled with love.  He definitely gives my sister-in-law a run for her money!!  She and I look at each other and laugh constantly when he talks because he's always saying something that cracks us up!!

Miss Megan had the best time hanging with the boys!!

Brendan getting a kiss from Sparky. 

My gorgeous and brilliant nephew, Andre.  He is a genius at Words with Friends and never ceases to amaze me!!

Cousins make the world go 'round.

What a great looking group!!  Don't you agree?!!?  : )

Sheer dee-light!!!

They're all beautiful and smart and healthy and loving.  Who could ask for anything more?!!?  : )

Many blessings for a very happy Tuesday ~ Wendy

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