Mothers' Day Weekend . . .

My beautiful niece, Taylor, made her First Holy Communion this past Saturday. She looked absolutely beautiful and we were so proud of her!!

She did a reading and, even if I wasn't partial, I'd still say she did the best job of all.  : )

Cousins Brendan, Annie and Taylor.

All of the girl cousins.  I still can't believe that I have one to add to the mix!!  : )

Megan and her big cousin, Taylor.  I love this photo!!
This was one of the desserts that was served.  It was made up of lots of different flavors of Italian ice and served in a HUGE fortune cookie.  I'd never seen anything like this before and the kids LOVED it!!

Nana and Taylor.

We love you so much, Taylor!!!!!!  XOXOXOXOXO

Many blessings for a wonderful Tuesday ~ Wendy

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Gina said...

Taylor looks so lovely! Angelic. How nice to celebrate such a beautiful occasion on Mothers Day Weekend. It looks like you had a wonderful time.