A Last Hurrah . . .

We had a busy weekend in our neck of the woods.  First, we were going to have a garage sale but the weather didn't look very good.  Then, the weather looked better but I hadn't done any advertising for my garage sale because the weather wasn't supposed to be good and there's nothing worse than pulling all your stuff out of the garage and then having no one show up to buy it. 

So we went with "Plan B" . . .

a backyard camp out for a bunch of ten year old boys to celebrate the last few days of weather warm enough to sleep out in before the cold weather kicks in!!

Meggie cheered on her Daddy while he was putting up the tents in the backyard.  She kept saying to him, "good job, Daddy!!"  It was the sweetest thing!! 

There was a slight chance for rain so the tents were set up under a larger tent so nobody got wet in the middle of the night.  There were actually three tents that connected to each other.  A really great set up and lots of fun for the kids to go back and forth into each tent.  Kinda like a giant habitrail!!  Remember those???  LOL!!     
Waiting for dinner.

Getting the fire ready for s'mores.  'cause what's a camp out without s'mores??  : )

Megan holding court in the bouncy castle.

 A fun time was had by all and they're already talking about camping out in the spring.  Ahhhh, the life of a ten year old boy!!!  : )

Many blessings for a happy Monday ~ Wendy

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