All Aboard the Polar Express and a Birthday Shoutout. . .

 We arrived about an hour earlier than we normally do so we had a chance to visit the little museum and train display they have set up.  It was so wonderful and next year, when I can take photos with my macro lens that Santa is bringing me this year (otherwise Santa will be sleeping on the couch!!) I'll be able to take photos of all the little details my son and niece and nephew pointed out that were in the train display that I couldn't get a good photo of with my current lens.  ; )

My nephew Jason watching the trains.
My nephew Andre.

The kids loved this McDonald's display.  It had a drive thru window with a menu (one of the things my macro lens will be able to photograph next year!!) and lots of other little details.

Our boarding time was actually 5:30 but we got there before the 5:00 train.  Earlier is definitely better as you can take your time and take lots of photos!!  : )

Finally, it was time to board the train.  These are old steam engine passenger cars that are decorated with pretty holiday lights that give them even more of a nostalgic feel. 

The sleepy-time elves that bring everyone hot cocoa.

And finally here comes Santa Claus!!!

Megan was in love with the whole idea of seeing Santa but, truth be told, this is as close as she wanted to get to him.  Oh well.  Maybe next year!!  : )

But Mrs. Claus was a different story!!  Probably because of the delicious cookies she bakes for everyone every year!!

Is that more hot cocoa on Jason's face??  LOL!!!  I love these boys!!!!
And another shot of that beautiful face.  I couldn't resist!!  : )

Lots of fun was had by all and we're already looking forward to next year!!

P.S.  Today is my beautiful son number 3's 11th birthday.  So hard to believe 11 years have gone by since I first held him.  Our brown haired, brown eyed bundle of joy that was a scheduled c-section but decided he wanted out a little earlier so he broke his Mommy's water all over the gymnasium floor at his big brother's school concert.  Yes indeed, he did!!  He's still moving at his own pace all these years later and I adore him with all of my heart!!  Happy Birthday, Brendan!!  XOXOXOXOXO

Many blessings for a happy Tuesday ~ Wendy

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