Sunday Sayings . . .

I attended a photography class this week and one of the things the instructor stressed was to not be afraid to share your work with others and to print some of your favorite photos so you can see them up close and personal.  Not just in a little blurb on the computer screen.  I saw this quote and it made me think of how difficult it is sometimes to put your creativity out there for judgement. 

A few of my friend's paintings currently being shown in our town library.

 An artist friend of mine currently has his incredibly gorgeous paintings on display at our local library.  He said that all he could see while looking at them hanging all around him were the "imperfections and the things I should've done differently."  All I saw was the beauty and the talent and the gift that has been bestowed upon him and how incredibly brave he was to share his gift with the world.  I truly wish we could see ourselves the way other people see us and not be so hard on ourselves. I wish we could all share our "gifts" without fear of judgement.  I wish we could unlearn the habit of being our own harshest critic.  This is something I've worked on over the years and I've honestly made huge strides.  I've also chosen to keep judgmental people at arm's length whenever possible.  We're all human and we're all in this boat of life together.  We all have the same basic human needs and the need for acceptance has to start within ourselves.  Nobody can give us true happiness except ourselves.  I guess that's another quote for another "Sunday Sayings."  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful and happy Sunday ~ Wendy

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Gina said...

I think it is so true that we are the first to find our own weak points when others are so much more likely to be seeing our good ones. Good luck with continuing to get more and more creative and successful with your own photography!