Weekend in Rhode Island . . .

This past weekend, we packed up the car with two out of four kids and added a friend to the mix for Brendan and headed to Rhode Island to celebrate a little cousin's first birthday with family that we don't get to see very often.

 I'm sure Megan would tell you she had a rockin' time in Rhode Island.  With a Mickey Mouse bouncy castle to jump around in, Daddy pushing her on the swings for what seemed like hours (thank goodness for Daddy!!) and some chocolate ice cream to top it off, how could you go wrong??!!! 

Baby Justin, the birthday boy.  I had to get a close up of those beautiful blue eyes!!

 I wanted to take some photos near the water before we drove back to New York so on Sunday we met up with my cousin Henry and his daughters.  He's a native New Yorker but has since settled in Rhode Island.  He's also a fellow photographer with quite an eye.  Such an inspiration to me. 

Brendan and his friend Isaac.

A light house in Narragansett.

 Meggie was thrilled that she got to put her piggy toes in the sand!! 

Cousins Carly and Grace.

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to spend time with family.  I think, as you get older and think about your own mortality a little bit more, you realize just how important family really is.  Circumstances and choices may keep people apart but it is never too late to reconnect.  I have lots of new memories and photos to prove it.  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Wednesday ~ Wendy


Anonymous said...

Yay RI! That's our state :) So glad you had good weather for your visit. Wonderful, wonderful photos of your time! ~ paula

PatsyAnne said...

I am from RI and its where I go when I go "home" - being 66 I've lived in many places, many states, but living in RI is different, its a place where you are wrapped in the love and concern of the whole state - they say that no matter who you meet there, your are connect by no more than 5 people. Its wonderful to contemplate that fact. My favorite place in RI is Block Island, and if I wasn't tied to my village on the Hudson River by my little granddaughter living within a couple of miles, I'd chuck it all and go live on BI. There is something to be said about waking to hear the fog horns, walking on the beach at 6 am, knowing everyone on the island in one way or another, spending the day at the library using their incredible resources - RI is my HOME.

Gina said...

Gorgeous sandy feet photo!