Mothers' Day Moments . . .

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in New York and so perfect for sitting outside to celebrate Mothers' Day with a picnic in our back yard.

 Cousins played ball together and caught up since they saw each other last.

My niece, Annie, asked me to take a photo of her in mid-air.  She cracks me up!!  : )

 A little girl was mugged on by her Nana (my mother) and wishing her Mimi and Gram were sharing the day with her, too.

 There were dandelion blowing contests . . .

 and even some "fishing" going on in the soon-to-be-ready-for-the-warm-weather sandbox!!

 There was a nephew of mine who loves to try to elude my lens but didn't do such a good job yesterday so I was able to get some photos of his gorgeous face.  Ha Ha, Andre!!!!  : )   XOXOXOXO

 You can run but you can't hide!!

 And then there was a little girl named Miss Meggie who gave her Mommy an attitude face when told not to do something . . .

 but quickly changed her tune when it was time for dessert!!

There's a new Sheriff in town!!
Not if she has something to say about it!!  : )

 A beautiful day filled with love and laughter, great food and company.  And even some special gifts.

Meggie made this for me in school.
Daisies from my beautiful sister-in-law.
Flowers from my man.

 I hope you had as special a Mothers' Day as we did around here.  : )

 Many blessings for a happy Monday ~ Wendy


Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Looks like such a beautiful day... celebrated with loved ones! Wonderful photos (and adorable subjects).

Happy Mother's Day.

Wishing you a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

What sweet little faces! Looks like much fun was had by all!

Sofia's Ideas said...

What a beautiful collection of photos! Lovely indeed.