What a Difference a Week Makes . . .

This time last week, we were sweltering and in the middle of a week long heat wave.  This morning, my car thermostat read 64 degrees at 11 am.

A baby woodpecker enjoying his breakfast in our little pear tree.

 The central air conditioning is off and the windows are wide open!!!

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 There's a wonderful breeze blowing our little flag around and the weatherman said the lower temps are supposed to last for a couple of days.  : )

Ready to be picked!!
A baby bluejay with a piece of bread as big as he is!!

 I'm already thinking about what to make for dinner tonite.  I'm thinking maybe some chicken parm.  I have to take advantage of this "able to turn on the oven without sweltering in my kitchen" kind of day!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful day from a very happy girl who's dreaming of autumn ~ Wendy

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ZingDay said...

Hi, I'm visiting from SouleMama today. Your link didn't work by the way, I had to google you (in case you wanted to know). Beautiful pictures. What an amazing shot of the woodpecker!