A Season of Change . . .

This weekend we moved my mother into her new little cottage in the woods.  When I first saw where it was located, I felt a little nervous that she and her two dogs would be too isolated from other people compared to where she was moving from.   She does have neighbors but they're all spread out on a dirt road except for the ones that are across and down a little hill from her.  I made her promise that she'd carry her phone with her at all times in case she ever fell or had a medical emergency.  She's only in her 60's but has had several serious medical issues this last year.  She's fine now but you just never know.

 On Sunday, Megan, Brendan, Jakhai (our "adopted" Fresh Air Fund son who stayed the long weekend with us) and two of Brendan's friends all piled into the car and took a road trip with me back to Nana's new house.  While the kids explored the more than 30 acres that my mother's cottage is situated on, my sister and I helped her start to get some sense of organization out of the ton of stuff we had all moved the day before.  Just a little side note here . . .  please don't leave a legacy of clutter for your children to have to deal with when you are gone.  This really lit a fire under my butt to start to purge!!!  : )

 By the time we left late Sunday afternoon I, too, had fallen in love with her new home and everything about it.  The kids were able to take photos of a family of deer and even a video of a small coyote that was running around.  I didn't see a coyote in the wild until I was in my 30's!!!  : )  The thought of sitting in her living room on a snowy day, hunkering down with a fire in the fireplace makes me smile.  It's the perfect escape from all of the craziness in this world.  But I still made her promise to keep her phone with her at all times!!  : )

 Many blessings for a peaceful and beautiful Tuesday ~ Wendy

*All of the photos were taken during our recent pumpkin picking adventure in Warwick NY with the exception of the little scarecrow.  He's sitting happily on my mother's front porch in a mum plant!!  : )

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