Fun Down on the Farm . . .

 Last weekend, Megan and I and two of our favorite families took a ride to a pretty little town in upstate New York called Warwick and visited Wright's Farm for the day.  It's a magical little place for young and old alike that suits all of your basic autumnal needs.  : )

Hamming it up for the camera!!

Meg's BFF Cybele.

Sophie, Megan and Cybele.
 After feeding the barnyard animals, the kids each went on a pony ride.  Megan fell in love with horses this week.  Last week at the Shriner's Circus she wasn't so sure about staying on the horse and this week she cried because she didn't want to get off of the horse!!  : )

Cybele's turn!!
A hint of things to come!!!

Meggie's friend Frazier running thru the arch that must be gorgeous in the spring.
 After getting lost in the corn maze and taking a few shortcuts (wink, wink!!) we jumped on the tractor ride and drove to the pumpkin patch where the kids each got to pick out a pumpkin or two or three. 

 Lots of great memories were made and the kids are still talking about our wonderful day!!  I have lots more photos to share next time!!

 Many blessings for a beautiful Saturday and a wonderful weekend ~ Wendy

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