An Update and a Sunday Saying . . .

Thank you to all who continue to send their well wishes and prayers for my father in law and brother in law.  My father in law has been transferred to a rehabilitation hospital where he'll continue to build up his strength and get used to his new and improved aortic valve.  : )  He's doing incredibly well and should have to be there for only a couple of weeks. 

Thomas and my father in law last Christmas.

Thomas is also coming along slowly but surely.  He's in the nursing home still.  This breaks my heart but he seems to be okay with it and has actually made a friend or two.  He's, by far, the youngest person on his floor.  I have a hard time seeing what the end of life looks like for so many of our elderly in this country.  If you can't afford an assisted living facility and have no one to take care of you as your needs become more abundant this is where so many people end up.  My son calls it "a waiting room for death."  : (  Thomas goes for a follow up with his surgeon on January 6th and hopefully he'll get the okay to start putting some weight on his leg.  This is when the real rehabilitation will begin.  Once he can do that, he'll be able to go to his new group home where there are less stairs for him.  My brother in law doesn't do well with change and I don't know how he's going to do with yet ANOTHER change.  He's been in the same group home for nine years but now needs to go someplace else due to a new client that is causing problems with Thomas and a couple of other clients that have been there for a long time as well.  This makes no sense to me.  It works out well as far as needing a place with less stairs right now but it makes more sense to relocate the troublemaker, doesn't it??  I have to trust that the Universe is working its magic and placing things where they need to be.  Trust and allow.  : )

Now for a Sunday Saying . . .

I thought this was appropriate.  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Sunday ~ Wendy

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sage and spirit said...

Glad to hear they're both doing well! As you say, the new group home may turn out to be a good move for Thomas. Sometimes all we can do is trust the Universe. Things have a way of working out.
Best wishes for the New Year, my prayers are with you!