My Little Ballerina Girl . . .

For the last couple of months, Megan has been taking a ballet class every Tuesday afternoon.  For an hour, she and the other little three old ballerinas get lost in the land of sparkly tutus and magic wands. 

Practicing ballet on the driveway before class in her sparkly new shoes. 

Oh how I love that belly!!!!  : )
Oh how I want to bite those thighs!!!!!!  : )
 Her teacher is Mrs. Cohen and, I'm proud to say, Mrs. Cohen was my ballet teacher as well back in the 1970's.  Crazy but true!!  : )  The little studio (that seemed so much bigger when I was a student there!!) has not changed one bit.  The same photos are on the walls and many of the same costumes are still being worn today.  Megan is not the only one that looks forward to visiting Mrs. Cohen on Tuesdays.  I swear I become seven years old again every time I walk thru that door!!  : )

Next week we finally get to watch when the girls have their little recital to celebrate the end of classes.  Mrs. Cohen told me that Meggie only wants to wear her costume for about five minutes and then she takes it off.  We're definitely going to have to work on that!! 

Many blessings for a beautiful Thursday ~ Wendy

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sage and spirit said...

What a cutie! I love the last photo of her!