The Makings of a Garden or Two . . .

My husband and I are determined to get our gardens/windowboxes planted this year after a gardening hiatus last year.  I didn't even plant my front window box like I usually do.  We put it off and put it off and before we knew it July was approaching and we figured why spend money on flowers when the summer is almost half over. 

Sadly, another one of our favorite local farms shut down this last year.  It was where we always bought our flowers and sometimes our pumpkins.  This year, we walked around Lowe's and Home Depot's Garden Centers along with a whole crowd of wanna be gardeners.  Definitely not the same feel as walking around the pretty greenhouses at the farm but a plus in that there were so many more flowers to pick and choose from.

A pink tutu and sparkly purple shoes was her outfit of choice for the day.  : )

Are we done yet??
This is what we came home with ~ fox glove, lavender, witch's broom, several different types of daisies, carnations, black eyed susan, lobelia, vinca vines, snap dragons and a few others whose names I don't remember.  I have to admit that I'm usually more in love with the idea of gardening then I am with actually doing the gardening but this year is different for me.  I've found that as I'm getting older I want to spend more time outdoors.  I think taking up photography has a lot to do with that but I also feel like being closer to nature is where I need to be.  We are blessed to have a home and this little bit of land that is ours needs to be treated with tender loving care.  Out of all the earth that there is, we have been given this one little part of it and I want to make the most of it.  I think this sends a message to the Universe that we are grateful for what we've been blessed with.  AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.  : )

I want to post some before and after photos as we get this all planted.  And, once the flowers are planted, we're going to get started on a little vegetable garden.  We tried to plant one last year but that's a WHOLE OTHER STORY!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Thursday ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Some wonderful looking plants. We have had a vegetable garden for three years with some success. We have tried some container gardening this year. Have a great weekend.

Elizabeth said...

This is going to be splendid!
We are helping our son with his new garden on Long Island -such fun and so creative.
Your colors will ZING!

sage and spirit said...

Looks like you have the beginnings of an amazing garden! I love the "attitude of gratitude" you've cultivated....and I look forward to how the garden grows!
I've tried gardening but here in the drought-stricken desert its nearly impossible. I gave up and planted drought-resistant grass instead. At least its something green....
Enjoy the planting and growing and take lots of photos! xx