My Red-Headed Lifeguard . . .

Trevor has had a whirlwind of activity in his life these last couple of weeks.  He's had his Senior Prom, followed by a few days at the beach with a house full of his friends (32 of them to be exact!!) and has been taking a Lifeguard Certification course in between.

This past Saturday, we drove to Bear Mountain State Park at 7:30 in the morning for him to take his state exam that would've enabled him to lifeguard at one of our state parks.  This was definitely poor planning on our part.  The second half of his lifeguard certification class where he learned CPR wasn't until Sunday (the day after the state test) which meant he wasn't schooled in CPR yet.  When I signed Trevor up for the test I had mentioned this to them and they said it was okay if he just knew the basics.  We went over it with him and he had a good basic knowledge of what he needed to do but it just wasn't enough to pass the test.  That, coupled with the fact that he had very little sleep the three days prior to the test just didn't make a good combination for passing the swimming part of the test. 

There were kids there that looked to be in top physical shape that didn't even finish the swimming part of the exam because of how difficult it was.  I told Trevor how proud of him I was for completing the swimming (he failed the time requirement to swim 7 lengths of the pool by ten seconds) and that next year, if he chooses to take the exam again, he'll know what to expect and how to prepare for it. 

The lifeguard chair reflected in the pool.

It was an absolutely beautiful day although it was only 62 degrees and the pool water was freezing!!
This turkey vulture watched over the pool as the exam took place.  Trevor told me the kids were joking around saying it was waiting to see who didn't know how to swim!!  : )

On Sunday, Trevor completed his lifeguard certification course and I'm proud to say he passed everything with flying colors!!!  He's now trained in CPR, basic first aid and water rescue.  Best of all, he had an interview with a local summer day camp yesterday and they called him last night to tell him he got the job!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  So much to be grateful for!!  Next stop . . .  GRADUATION!!!!  : )

Many blessings for a very happy Tuesday ~ Wendy


Kelly said...

Congrats to your son on all of his acheivements! That sounds like an exciting summer job too.

sage and spirit said...

Congratulations to the red headed lifeguard! And congrats on his job!! Sounds like you and your family are having a busy summer!

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Congratulations Trevor! How exciting!

That turkey vulture watching the pool is kind of creepy (but funny all the same).

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Mary said...

The lifeguarding skills will come in handy...they did for my 2 oldest boys.