Senior Prom Night 2014 . . .

 My middle son, Trevor, and his gorgeous friend, Maria, attended Trevor's senior prom on Friday night.  They made such a beautiful couple!!! 

Trevor and Maria with friends Luke and Jenna.

Going gangsta!!  : )
I had to get a picture of the back of Maria's dress.  It was absolutely gorgeous!!!

Trevor and friends right before the rain started pouring down.

After the prom, a bunch of the kids came back to our house to change and then jump onto the bus that took them into Manhattan to a club for their after party.  The club doesn't serve alcohol so it's safe for under 21 year olds.  Everyone had a wonderful time and they were all at home, safe and sound,  by 5:30 am.  A very special thank you goes out to my incredibly wonderful husband who got out of bed at 4:45 am to meet the bus back at the high school and then transport many of the kids to their home. 

Next stop, Seaside Heights, New Jersey where Trevor and a bunch of his friends rented two houses for a few days of fun in the sun before graduation next week.  So hard to believe my red-headed baby is graduating from high school.  It makes me teary-eyed just typing this.  : (  Roots and wings.  Roots and wings.  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Tuesday ~ Wendy


sage and spirit said...

Beautiful photos! You have definitely outdone yourself on these shots!
They are such a cute couple. Growing up way too fast....
Yes, roots and wings. : )

mountain girl said...

What great pictures, Wendy! Looking at your son makes me want to hold onto my own red-headed baby boy...I know time will fly and he will be grown up all too fast. Glad they all had a great night and got home safe.

Gina said...

What great photos wendy. Your son looks so grown up. And how beautiful does his friend look. What an amazing dress!

Shel said...

What gorgeous pictures! It sounds like they had a magnificent time! I remember my senior prom like it was yesterday (and it was 19 years ago)!

My husband grew up in Hasbrouck Heights (and went to St. Joe's in Montvale) he has so many good memories of Seaside Heights! May this summer be full of wonderful memories for all of you! xo

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I have friends that went to St. Joe's waaaayyyy back in the day!! LOL!!! Such a small world, isn't it?!!!? xo

Shel said...

It really is! :)

Sheila Henderson said...

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