A Day at the Beach . . .

On Wednesday, we packed up our pails and shovels, sunblock and beach towels and headed to Point Pleasant, New Jersey for the day.  As the school year was ending, I made a bit of a mental  "Bucket List" of all the things I wanted to do this summer of 2014.  I can now cross off "spend a day at the beach."  I know it probably doesn't sound like much but between all of the other activities around here and that pesky thing called "my husband's job" : )  finding the time can be a bit difficult.  With Jim currently on his eight days off  (he works 5 weeks of swing shift and then has 8 straight days off) and the weatherman saying the three dreaded "H" words ~ hazy, hot and humid ~ and nothing else on the calendar, we knew it would be a perfect beach day.   


My honey.

Another summer with our "adopted" son, Jakhai.  Words cannot express how much we love this beautiful young man and his family!!!  : )

Today, we're headed to Manhattan to spend the day with Jakhai's family and friends for a huge birthday celebration.  I'm so looking forward to this day of making lots of new friends and, of course, taking lots of photos.  Next week, we're off to Lake George for a few days with friends and the following week we'll be back at the beach for another couple of days.  Way too soon, this summer will be a distant memory so I'm going to make it a point to live in each moment and enjoy them.  AND I'm choosing to ignore those back-to-school commercials they're already starting to show on television!!!!!! YUCK!!!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Saturday ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a great day out with lots of memories in the making - a beautiful family.

sage and spirit said...

Those little feet covered with sand are adorable!! Glad you're feeling better and getting out before summer is over. it's going by so fast....but then, I'm ready for fall and the cooler temps out here! have a great weekend and enjoy that time off together!! xx

goodmorningbeautiful said...

oh my oh my so beautiful,, i have never seen beach except on movie. Njoy xoxoxo