The Fog is Lifting Slowly but Surely . . .

Summer hasn't been off to the best of starts around our house.  Last week was filled with two visits to the doctor and two confirmed cases of strep throat.  Megan and I both went down for the count.  She bounced back beautifully but I, on the other hand, am still bouncing.  I feel much better but my energy level is still pretty crummy and the fog in my head is slowly clearing.  Each day is a little bit better and I'm getting back into my daily routines.  All of those little things that you accomplish most days (a load or two of laundry, cooking dinner, blogging, etc.) seem much less mundane when I haven't been able to do them for a few days.  I'm also very blessed to not get sick-in-bed kinda sick very often.  Just enough to make me remember what a blessing good health truly is.

I've also really missed getting outside with my camera so yesterday I walked around the yard and took a few photos of what we've planted this year.  All of this year's flowers are newly planted perennials that have been planted in beds that have been revamped in one way or another. I'm really happy with how everything looks so far.  Jim's put a lot of time and effort into making the landscaping look so nice and our plan is to add new plants each year to have more of a cottage garden type look.

We've added a little vegetable garden, as well, with two types of tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, red peppers egg plant and cucumbers.  Our plan is to expand that next year to include broccoli, string beans and some other things still to be determined.  I have been so inspired by the gardens of fellow bloggers that it finally got me off my butt to make my dreams of flowers and veggies a reality.  I had a vegetable garden when I was a child.  My father turned over a big patch of grass in our backyard so that I could have my very own garden.  I planted it, weeded it and watered it all by myself.  I remember having lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and peppers.  My grandmother lived next door to us and she had a huge garden in her backyard as well.  There was nothing better than snapping string beans off of her plants, swiping them on your shirt and popping them into your mouth!!!  Such a great summer memory for me!!!!  : )

We also have a little old pear tree in our back yard that I've posted photos of before.  There are so many pears this year and we'll be able to eat them in a couple more weeks.  That is if the squirrels don't get to them first!!!  : )

Many blessings for a beautiful Tuesday ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

So glad you are over the worst and feeling a little better. Your garden is looking delightful, I noticed the cheeky little gnome! Its nice to have future plans for the garden, I always think a garden evolves and gets better with time. Have a great week.

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

I have a vegetable garden and I absolutely love harvesting from it. It's amazing feeling to benefit from the fruit of our labour.

I love the pictures from your garden. A pear tree? How cool!

Wishing you continued recovery and a beautiful week.

Elizabeth said...

Oh no! Do hope you feel better soon.
My dearest friend on Long Island is similarly afflicted.
You sort of don't expect it in midsummer.
Your garden id looking splendid!

Kathleen said...

Oh boo. Summer sickness is no fun. Hoping you feel better soon. The pears look lovely.

sage and spirit said...

Your garden looks amazing! Glad you're up and about with the camera. Hope you're feeling better! xx

Deserae said...

You have a beautiful garden!!! I'm sorry to hear you have been so sick. Glad you are starting to feel better now :o)

loveinmotionweblog.com said...

Your garden is beautiful and peaceful. Love the gnome:)