Outside and Inside . . .

It's a beautiful day here in New York today.  Still a bit too cold to open the windows but the sun is feeling warmer and the snow is melting slowly but surely.  It's supposed to be close to 60 degrees by Thursday.  Mother Nature really likes to play tricks on us in the month of March so I'm not completely convinced we're out of the woods yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  : )

Seeing our grass for the first time since January.

Happy little gnomes soaking up the sun.

Buddha and a patch of snow in our front garden.

My wonderful in-laws from Tennessee have come and gone in a whirlwind of sawdust and sheet rock.  We had such a nice visit.  Way too short but so much was accomplished.  My father in law is a work horse. If you want something done, he's your man.  He's no spring chicken anymore but he really could outwork somebody half his age.  There is still so much to be done but I thought I'd share some "befores and afters" of what's been done so far.

This room was a crafting area and computer room for me before the renovation started.  Our realtor told us we could increase the value of our house if we updated it and added a shower to the bathroom.  Jim put in a whole new bathroom all by himself.  I haven't taken "after" photos of it yet because there are a couple of finishing touches that still need to be added. 

Looking down into the room after it's been torn apart before the work started.  Can you spot my orange kitty, Finnegan??

New insulation was added.  The window on the left was the bathroom window before Jim changed the location of the bathroom.  We were going to close up the window but instead we're going to put a simple little blind over it.  It would be too much work trying to find matching siding for the outside of the house if the window was covered up.

New sheet rock was added after the insulation was put in.

The old ceiling and fixtures were taken down so that all new electricity could be run. 

A new ceiling was put in place and new fixtures will be next.  There's also now a place for a ceiling fan. 

This is what the floor looked like before.  It wasn't quite this bad before the work started but bad nonetheless.

This is with the new floor.  Now we're debating on whether to put in carpeting or a wood floor.  I am dreading mud season with two dogs going in and out that back door on a new carpet so I think we will go with the wood.  A sane wife/mother is a happy wife/mother!!!!  : )

Finnegan looking up at me from the bottom of the stairs.  : )

As you can see, there's still so much left to be done but it's taking shape nicely.  Jim has next week off and hopes to finish it then.  Meanwhile, I've been working on packing up some of my tchotchkes (not sure if I spelled it correctly!!) and things that I know I don't need right now.  All winter, we've talked about putting the house on the market in the spring.  Now that spring is officially here, it's scarey and exciting all at once.  So much to be done and limited time to do it all.  One day at a time, right??  : )

Many blessings for a very happy Monday ~ Wendy


Susan said...

Looks like you're making very fast progress on that room, Wendy. When we moved up to Orange County,NY a few years back, I remember all the anxiety with putting our Long Island house on the market, packing, keeping the house pristine, and a million little details. But, somehow, it all gets done.
I hope you're moving somewhere warm!

mamasmercantile said...

You are certainly making a grand job of updating. Good luck with the next step, putting it on the market etc. Hope you will be all moved and settled into your new home SOON...

sage and spirit said...

Well, it looks as though Finnegan is in charge of things around there!
And what an exciting time....renovating, selling, moving. Best of luck to you with the sale of your house! xx