The Season of Cozy . . .

It's been so cold here this last week.  Snow is falling as I type this.  I took the few remaining winter decorations down yesterday.  My mind is thinking about spring now.  We turn the clocks ahead an hour next weekend which is definitely a sure sign of coming out of the darkness of winter.  We haven't had a lot of snow compared to our neighbors in the New England states but we have had our definite fair share of cold and grey. 

i like how these are hung - two strings, one higher, other end lower

bedroom envy - my ideal home...

I've been spending more time on Pinterest than I probably should be.  I can't help myself.  : )  I've found some wonderful pins of cozy rooms and pretty nooks and crannies which I've always been drawn to but especially this time of year. 

This makes me want to see the rest of the house!!!

/\ /\

 I've saved my favorite epitome of cozy for last . . .

evenings in

 Yes, please!!!!  : )

Next up, I'll share some of my favorite pastel pins.  Nothing says spring like pastels!!!

Many blessings for a very happy Monday and a peaceful week ahead ~ Wendy

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sage and spirit said...

Love that second photo with the wood beams in the ceiling! Hope you're having a great week and the weather's improving up there! xx