Letting Go and a Very Special Thank You . . .

On Saturday,  my honey and I spent almost three hours in Home Depot.  With long list in hand, we wandered the aisles looking for the remains of what we need to finish getting our house listed for sale.  It's starting to get real for me.  I've begun packing away all of the family photos and knick knacks that have sentimental value to me.  Our realtor told us this enables potential buyers to come in and envision where they would put their own personal things.  It's also helping me to detach from my home of almost 15 years.  

Some pretty pops of colorful flowers at Home Depot.

I have to admit I'm a little sad to be leaving.  I have a lot of memories connected to this little house of ours.  My first husband and I bought it together.  We brought our third born son home to this house.  I look out our front window and see the beautiful Japanese maple tree he planted  not long before he passed away suddenly four years after we moved in.  We were embraced by our little community when he passed and I can't begin to put into words how eternally grateful I am for that.

Six years later, with my new husband, undoubtedly sent from above, we brought home our sweet baby girl to this house. I've watched our two older boys grow from young boys to young men here.

Waiting to go in for my c-section.

So many beautiful memories that I'll always carry with me.  But I know in my heart, it's time to move on and make new memories in our new home.  It will be the first home that Jim and I purchase together.  It will be a new chapter in our lives and I'm so excited for that.  New places to photograph, new friends to meet, new friends for the kids to meet.  I'll be closer to my family and still only a half hour away from all that we have now.  : )

Speaking of new friends . . .

My wonderful new friend and fellow blogger, Lorraine, of  Mama's Mercantile , sent Megan this beautiful daisy headband that she made all the way from England.  I saw it on her blog and Megan happened to be looking over my shoulder at the time.  She said she LOVED it!!!  I commented to Lorraine about Megan's reaction and she generously offered to make one for her. 

She is one happy little girl and has worn it every day since we received it!!!  Thank you from the bottom of our heart, Lorraine!!!!  You are the best!!!!  We loved the handmade card, too!!!!  XOXO

 Many blessings for a beautiful Tuesday ~ Wendy


Elizabeth said...

Moving is bittersweet - very exiting and sad at the same time.
A bit wrenching.
what a cute headband!
I can see why it's such a hit!
Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home when you move there!

mamasmercantile said...

I am thrilled that you are now moving on with your dreams and a new chapter in your life. Hope all goes well. Glad Megan loved the headband.

sage and spirit said...

Gosh, it's sad but yet exciting to close one chapter and start another. I'm looking forward to the photos you'll take as your family moves and settles in a new house.
And I had a thought about the Japanese maple...have you saved and pressed some leaves from this tree? That way, you could take a little piece of it with you.

Shel said...

What a beautiful post. I have to say that your sweet words have me rather choked up. So happy for the new adventure that awaits all of you but sad for all that you are leaving behind too.

And that headband is just darling! My girls surely would have reacted the same way Megan did too had they seen it! xo

susan said...

Oh, Wendy, I hate to see you with such a heavy heart. You can take all your beautiful memories with you and make new ones in your new home.
Your Megan looks just beautiful in that beautiful headband.

Samandra said...

Ohh I love flowers! These are cute!