Sunday Sayings . . .

Its to the point now , with all your lies, sneeking around with a married man who you have fallin in love with, your lack of trying and your blatant uncaring/unloving attitude towards me, makes me not even care if you miss me or not. You have DESTROYED A MARRIAGE AND WHAT I THOUGHT TO BE A UNBRAKEABLE LOVE !!! HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO WRONG ABOUT YOU ! YOU ARE AN UNGRATEFUL BITCH . EVERYTHING I DID FOR YOU AND YOU GO AND FUCK OFF WITH ANOTHER MAN. 5OU MAKE ME SICK AUDREY.

Many blessings for a very happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead ~ Wendy


susan said...

Happy Sunday to you too, Wendy.
I loved your pictures of everyone preparing for Easter - such happy photos. Have a beautiful week.

sage and spirit said...

Another good one! And I hope you'll have a great week! xx