Happy 4th . . .

Fourth of July festivities started early around these parts with fireworks on Wednesday night.  We grabbed our Carvel ice cream sundaes, backed into parking spots in the lot, threw open the back doors, layed down the blankets and waited for the show to begin!!  It was the perfect night with the weather in the low 80's and low humidity. 

Megan loved the smiley face!!!

Brendan and his friend Malcolm waiting for the show to start.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with friends for a backyard barbecue and today we're taking a drive up to Cornwall-on-Hudson to my sister's for a gathering and a small town U.S.A. parade.  I love celebrating this beautiful country that we live in.  It is not perfect and not everybody will always be happy with the way things are here but we are so blessed to have the freedoms that we do and it saddens me that people are choosing to bash our country and our flag.  After September 11th, sales of our flag skyrocketed and a flag flew in front of almost every home in our town.  Now you see people burning and stomping on the flag around the country.  This is a slap in the face of every veteran I know including my father, my husband, my grandfathers, great grandfathers, uncles, cousins, friends, etc., etc., etc.  I truly could cry about this and I do.

Beautiful faces at yesterday's barbecue!!!

May God bless America and all of its' people here and abroad and may our beautiful men and women of our Armed Forces be blessed as they serve to protect us from all who want to harm us.  I wish you all a very happy and safe 4th of July!!!

Many blessings ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a wonderful evening. Wishing you a glorious weekend and hope you have a great time with your celebrations. Happy 4th July.

sage and spirit said...

The fireworks were beautiful and it looks like everyone had a great time! Happy 4th and Happy July, Wendy!