July 4th Celebrations in Cornwall-on-Hudson . . .

We took a drive up to Cornwall-on-Hudson to celebrate July 4th this year and I have to tell you that any doubts I had about moving up there were completely erased as I drove thru this beautiful little town.  There were American flags everywhere you looked!!  Hanging on porches, flying in the back of pickup trucks, on the front of cars, on bandanas around dogs' necks and on and on and on.  People were preparing the floats for the parade that went thru town at 5:00.  There were bbq's and gatherings on porches.  The gazebo in town was decorted in red, white and blue.  Honestly, it was kind of surreal and made me feel like I was in some sort of patriotic movie of yesteryear.  LOL!!! 

Waiting on the parade.

After feasting on sausage and pepper parm heroes, penne a la vodka and peach pie at my sister's house, we walked down the street to where the parade was held. 

A refurbished milk truck, complete with old milk bottles and crates!!!

A giant wooden eagle.
I could not resist taking a photo of this guy's pants.  He was dressed in red, white and blue from head to toe!!!  : )
This is Grandma Doris.  She is the matriarch of Jones' Farm, the cutest place to visit in Cornwall and the subject of many blogs here thru the years.  : )
The back of Grandma Doris' float.

This band really surprised us.  We thought it would be some little Dixieland band until they started playing some serious disco music.  Fantastic!!!!!
Brendan and Jakhai waiting for the parade to start.

No Main Street USA parade would be complete without the Boy Scouts!!!

It was such a wonderful day.  The skies cleared up right before the parade started and it wasn't too hot.  That is ALWAYS a plus for me!!!  This time next year we hope to be residents there and not just visitors. Still working on getting the house on the market.  We can't believe what a long process it is to get all of those unfinished projects done but it looks like we should be good to go by next weekend.  From my mouth to God's ears!!!  : )

Happy Wednesday!!  ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Looks amazing, I really hope that you will have your wishes and dreams fulfilled and you will be living there next year.

sage and spirit said...

I sure do miss those small-town Fourth of July celebrations! Your photos remind me so much of growing up in rural America! And I have to say your son's face in the "waiting on the parade" photo is priceless!
And the house might be on the market by next weekend! Now that's exciting! I am hoping all the best things come to you and your family. xx