A Season of Change . . .

I walked around the house and the yard this morning taking photos of all the changes that are taking place both indoors and out.  Shelves and walls are now mostly emptied of the things that have filled them for the last 15 years.  We've covered the pool and the sandbox for the last time.  The garden ornaments have been taken out of our little plots of land that we've planted in and buried our beloved fur babies in.  I've been taking photos of the views I've been looking at out our windows for such a long time now.

The remains of our vegetable garden.

Can you spot the bumble bee??

Ready for the pod.

Naked walls . . .

. . . and a {mostly} empty garage floor.

The feeling of anxiety that filled the pit of my stomach a couple of months ago has now been replaced with a sense of peace (most of the time!!) and excitement for the memories we're going to be making in our new home and our new town.  We're still waiting for a closing date on both houses but we should be hearing something very soon. 

Our hydrangea is now mostly shades of pink.  The new home owner has assured me that I can come and cut some whenever I want to.  : )

Our neighbor's tree. 

Our other neighbor's apple tree.

We're very happy with the people that have bought this house.  They have a great energy about them and I can't tell you how much that means to me.  They also have two young sons that are the same age as our two older sons were when we bought this house 15 years ago this month.  The pool and the sandbox will be filled with happy children and the house will help with more happy memories for them all.  So wonderful!!!

It's definitely a season of change and we're ready for it!!!  : )

Happy and safe weekend to you all ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Exciting times ahead, and wonderful that you like the family buying your home, it will be nice to think of a new family enjoying all the lovely things you did. Hope you are able to set a date soon. Have a great weekend.

sage and spirit said...

It sure is a season of change and I am so excited for you and the changes ahead! So glad you are feeling at peace with the future. It's going to be a good one for you and your family!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos and I'm so happy you are leaving your much loved home in good hands!
so great know another family will enjoy it.
Happy weekend!

suzy mae said...

It must feel good knowing that the home that you loved will be loved and cared for in the years to come by a family who will make their own wonderful memories. Wishing you peace as you embark on this new chapter :)

Shel said...

Such a bittersweet time! So excited for all that lay ahead for you but sad for all that you are leaving behind! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new place! xo