Chaperones for a Day . . .

Jim and I volunteered to be chaperones for Megan's class trip to go to a local farm yesterday.  All of the kindergarten classes boarded buses and headed out to Secor Farm for a tractor ride and pumpkin picking.  It was like Christmas Eve the night before to get her to go to sleep.  She was so excited to be going on a school bus for her very first time and this was also her very first school field trip.  : )

Lunch before the hay ride.
Pure joy!!!!!
Our crew for the day ~ Brianna, Reynaldo and Megan.  They were absolutely adorable!!!
All aboard for the tractor ride!!!!
We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.  The sky was bright blue and it was close to 70 degrees which is pretty warm for New York this time of year.

The kids got to pick their own pumpkin, go thru a corn maze and run around and just enjoy the beautiful day we were blessed with.

I did get my crew to sit still long enough for a group photo!!  : )
This was in the pond we drove past for the tractor ride.  The kids were laughing and screaming.  Lol!!!

Girl power!!!!!!!!
It was such a wonderful day filled with laughter and happy faces.  I hope Megan makes friends as easily when we move.  I was telling my husband the other day that we are so blessed to have such happy children.  Our house is always filled with laughter.  I'm the first person to admit I need my alone time and I'm lucky to be able to have it on a pretty regular basis but I think I'm happiest when everyone is home at dinner time and the neighborhood kids are flitting in and out.  I made all the neighborhood kids promise that they will come to our new house as often as possible.  There is going to be more room for them to stay over and our door is always open to them.  I've given up on the thought of ever having an empty nest.  I just don't know if I could stand all that quiet.  : )

Happy Wednesday!! ~ Wendy


mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a great trip, what a wonderful place to visit and perfect for the season. Happy Halloween to you all.

Shel said...

What a gorgeous day and what a fabulous trip! The last two pictures are my favorites!

Happy autumn, friends! xo

Angie said...

oh what fun! and look at all those happy faces!!...
you are moving? oh what an exciting adventure in the future.
halloween is such fun - it is not a big thing here in south africa - but i try to do a little halloween celebration here at home.
thank you for sharing your fun with us xxx

sage and spirit said...

I'm guessing you had as much fun as the kids! Happy Halloween!

Stacey said...

Wendy,your photos are amazing! My sons are in their 20s now but some of my fondest memories are of fall at the pumpkin patch. We did it every year and loved it.